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    Do you have any other hobbies than just Smash?

    Video gaming wise, other than Smash, I play Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Metroid, Zelda, and Mega Man just to name a handful. TV wise, I watch cartoons/anime with my favorites being the old Nicktoons, a mix of old and new for Cartoon Network, and other cartoons. For anime, I'm into Dragon...
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    If each character had their own Street Fighter-esque rival battles, who'd be their rival and why?

    I'd go for some of the match ups to be: :4yoshi:vs. :4duckhunt: :4pikachu:vs. :4mewtwo:(In reference to the first Pokémon movie.) :4littlemac:vs. :4falcon: :4luigi:vs. :4bowserjr: :4myfriends:vs. :4feroy: :4mario:vs. :4bowser: :4link:vs. :4pit:
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    Doctor Mario Skype Chat

    I'm willing to join in despite having him be a secondary of mine. Skype: PinballWizard00
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    Roy Skype Group [Moved to Discord]

    Skype name: PinballWizard00
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    G&W, underrated or bad?

    You're right, at least G&W has grabs, the problem is grabbing, other than that, his grabs are decent.
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    Mr. Game & Watch Skype Group

    Count me in! Skype: PinballWizard00
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    G&W, underrated or bad?

    Yeah, his recovery is not good as the newer games. Also, his grabs aren't really useful and doesn't help with his poor grab range and one of the slowest pummels.
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    My current main may be holding me back so I want some advice

    Considering how Luigi has been doing recently, I'd say try to find a training partner and keep on improving your Luigi. Once you beat people and develop your Luigi well, before you know it, you'll be a great Luigi main.
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    G&W, underrated or bad?

    I don't find G&W to be as good as his future outings, such as horrible defense game and not being able to L-cancel three of his aerials, but he has positives. His positives including a good comboing ability, small size, and having a good waved ash. Overall, aside from Qerb, representation has...
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    Smashing like always.

    Smashing like always.
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    Your Favourite Smash Themes

    Melee opening (Brawl): I love this theme, it is just as good as the regular Melee opening Multi Man Melee 2: Loved it and was glad it came back in Smash 4 Gritzy Desert remix: I love this song's remix better than the regular version. Metal Mario Smash 64 theme: Quite possibly one of my...
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    Games/Consoles you grew up with as a kid

    I first started out with the GameCube by my brother getting it one Christmas with both of us playing so much of Mario Party, Melee, Double Dash, Battle for Bikini Bottom, and XD: Gale of Darkness. My cousin had a PS2 where I got to play games like Kingdom Hearts and Sly Cooper. I later got a...
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    Mario Universe Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    There's also the part where you have to find berries to give to the Yoshi's in Superstar Saga.
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    Mario Universe Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    For the crossover part, there is Smash Brothers, which combines Nintendo franchises to each other and occasionally other franchises. Other than Smash, there's also a Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover coming soon. For the last part the rescuing Toads part is likely gonna be some...
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    What are the most agonizing/amazing experiences you've ever had in Pokémon?

    Worst: The moments when the A.I. uses detect at least three times in a row and works, but when I try to use detect at least twice in a row, it doesn't work. Best: Managing to find two shinies in the wild without chaining in two different games. My first being Magikarp in Soulsilver and a...
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