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  • Just so you know, I have persimmons in ACNL that I'd give you for a relatively good trade :)
    Oh, I already have like 2438953908 persimmon trees now, I just left my sig that way because it's delightfully obnoxious
    Fine by me, then :D (Note: your avatar is awesome.)
    Hahah, thanks dude. Oddlet is my bro 4 life
    I can't believe literally JUST NOW I felt loved (or at least noticed) in SWF. Thanks for the support. Not because I need it, but it felt great to realize I've been here for a while and some people did notice.
    aw! this warmed up my heart. anytime buddy :)
    Scary, pidge. Your pool is scary. You could make it out at 3rd or 4th but you have to contend with Uncle, Salem and Mikehaze. The rest I think you could probably deal with. That said, that means you'll really have to fight it out.

    I'm really hoping you make it, rooting for you!!

    Btw, see if you can get all the info you can on important MUs. I'm happy to help you out wherever I can.

    Hugs! keep it cool and you'll be fine, i'm sure. =D
    I read about your card :/ will you be financially not-screwed during APEX?
    Wow pidge that was so cool, seeing you commentate on stream. Wish i'd tuned in earlier to see your matches but aww well, at least you and poke were commentating and talking through stream was so much fun :D

    I'm all for not censoring yourself.

    Just the thought process to actually get to "Got yo ****, Kid Icarus" befuddles me xD
    Well, as long as I'm not just completely missing something I no longer care =D

    It just means you're as confused as I am; I am very okay with that hahaha
    Okay then. That's about what I feel when I read 1/3 of your posts.

    I just sit there, staring at the screen thinking... goddamn I want to meet this person and figure out if she actually thinks that weirdly or if she tries to make it as weird as possible.
    I... what... how do you think?

    How, of all possible things, did you come up with that for gydki
    I found a teammate for APEX so I can't be your backup anymore, sorry :x we should still play some team friendlies though :)
    You really should make some serious posts on the Tier List/MU thread haha. :p

    It'd be awesome to see your thoughts on Ness. =)
    Aww darn. I hope it works out, i'd love to be able to talk to you on AIM! :D
    Aww. Have you added 'OberinDraco'? That might allow you to receive the messages? ^_^
    Hey pidge, I AIMed you but am unsure if the message is getting through. If you didn't feel up for talking though that's alright too. If your privacy settings are on, try adding 'OberinDraco'?

    Of course feel free to refuse too. :p
    hey stef, would you by any chance have Peachy's cell number? I really need to get a hold of him tonight, and fb isn't working for me. If you could PM me it that'd be great.

    SWF is being derpy and not letting me PM for some reason, but I can view them just fine :/
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