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    Nice to see you again, been a while. Heard your one of the top smash players in smash 4. Nice to...

    Nice to see you again, been a while. Heard your one of the top smash players in smash 4. Nice to see you didn't sell out and use a top tier character. You ever get your money for the gbs in 08-09? Shoot me a message love to hear how everything with you an Ally's going, or if you forgot who i am.
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    Hello Crew!

    whats up all you guys. I been away from the smash scene for a while and playing some other games and was wondering if there is anything new i should be looking out for. Any help will be appreciated. If you don't remember my AIM it was NinersLaw99
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    Dealing with annoying parts of a match up: Wolf and trained pokemon

    this thread is pretty funny. All you guys talk about the different ways ness can be gimped. In reality good ness's don't get gimped. Ness's usually live around 120% unless its snakes uptilt. ROB and ness is even, Ness rapes pika iono how it is in pikas favor but to each his own.
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    Ness Power Rankings ~Looking for management~

    Sounds good Now ima stop with the wifi and go to weeklys and stuff. Good **** Doggy and Vice. See you both at Genesis
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    Ness boards 'combo' video. MMMmmmm, steak! *updates*

    It's also going to be a rare sight me going to my 1st IRL tourney at BIO2. Hopefully you can watch the stream or something. :lick:
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    Ness boards 'combo' video. MMMmmmm, steak! *updates*

    Is this going to happen. If so i got some nice 0 to death combos i want to put on in. I got a 0 to death combo on kirby that kills him in 5 seconds and i get a nice spike on the bottom of delfino. You all shuld chek it out. I also got this one on Lucario of me just pk flash mindgaming him. Get...
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    Ness Power Rankings ~Looking for management~

    I'm going to start going to irl tourneys even though my ness sux balls. Hehe good to see that all the other ness mainers are doing so well
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    DTP's Dual Tournament: SINGLES - DABUZ WINS!!!!

    Also we request Green, and if someone else requests it as well we will take blue as a 2ndary color. Ty
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    DTP's Dual Tournament: SINGLES - DABUZ WINS!!!!

    My partner=CBA our banned stage is Battlefield
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    NoNessNoProblem(NoNNP) Banned: Battlefield,Lylat,Rainbow cruise
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    Sage and Ref's Ness only tourneys *Brackets are up!* *You may now Pm your opponents*

    Dittos Fail xD But its funny to watch Ness's try to Gimp each other
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    Okay Chaco *sob* you can close and lock it now...

    Yes plz sry for responding so late just went through internet.
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    Ness can easily beat MK.

    Ness's Fair stops Tornado as well. I think MK=Ness but thats just because I know the matchup very well. IF the ness player knows whats he's doing then he will not get gimped. Magnet till he runs out of room to dair then use your 2nd jump and position yourself to aim of the top of the ledge. NOT...
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    NessFTW's Ness Clinic

    Its back. I'm going to start helping people more. I have played most of the very good ness's online but i'm willing to help anyone if they just drop there AIM and FC here. My FC is in my sig. What i will be helping you with. Matchups: I can use any character sorta good. Best is my...
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