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  • Not too bad, not too bad.

    I haven't been to one before, don't really know much about them. The time and cost of the trip just for a day is kind of off-putting, but we'll see.

    Yeah, I will almost certainly be there. SNY was so good, and it's given me a goal. I'll be getting out of pools with Bowser at SNY2, and it shall be sweet.

    ... what are you doing there?
    Willz is being stupid and got himself banned, any questions about coming on Saturday let me know, if you arrive in Leicester at around 10:20-10:40 thats great then me and Tamoo can take you to Willz.
    i go staffordshire uni on the stafford campus so im around durin uni times but im a 2nd year now so i hve my own house so u can come jam when i get bac frm summer will b kl 2 play sum1 frm staffs
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