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captain smashie01

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  • - You missed such a sick tourney man. I got so much better over 3 days. If you were in the country I would £5 MM you I'm that confident/cocky.

    Didn't make it out of pools btw. Crumpled despite losing to 2 guys I DEFFO should've beaten. Didn't get any cool needle gimps off. :(
    Haha, yeah my Fox sucks =*(. But I love the guy so much. Lets me play around pretending I have tech skill ;p.
    Yeah, they were fun =).

    I think he's on Smashboards with the name Phear995. He doesn't really post though.
    Cool - I'll send a text or ring or something when I'm at Manchester station getting on a train. See you tomorrow! (I should be easily recognisable, I have very long hair)
    Sweet - the people I'm visiting are gonna be in lectures and such like on the Thursday, so that'd be a good day for me - do you have any radical objections to playing on that day?
    Interesting... I'm planning on being in Manchester for a couple of days a week on Wednesday anyway - any chance of having a few games then?
    Hey, I'm gonna be in Leeds (Menston, but it's close) for a month in a weeks time - are you hanging around in Leeds for the holiday? (apart from Germany, I suppose). I need someone to play melee with to keep myself sharp over the break, and everyone else I know in Yorks has become obsessed with Brawl...
    Hey im from leeds :D (well wake field but i live in leeds :)

    erm my brawl number is: 0517 - 0489 - 7623

    just send me yours and we can duel im on msn like 95% of my time :)

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