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  • good good, lets do this :) ive got a couple of team strats with marth, and play well with marth cos i got practice with hugo, so should be good
    hey, if noone else from southampton goes to the nw ranbat, u wanna team in doubles?
    It occurs to me that I never bothered to renew my passport.

    Ah well. Thanks for the offer. Will be nice to play you again some day =).
    yeah, that should be good
    i live near hazel grove station, it's like 20 mins on the train from manchester, if you wanna come over in the afternoon
    yeah sure, should be fun
    aiko lives near me, so we could probably get him involved too, i'll ask him
    my number's 0792 514 9346 btw
    ah, no i'm going back home on the sunday
    you're always welcome to get the train to manchester though, play me and the bolton lot, it's not that far from leeds
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