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  • - How does it feel to be best in Staffs?

    You wait till the rematch my man. You wait...
    - Sounds good mate, problem is that I'm going to be living in Stockholm, Sweden from the 23rd of August onwards.

    You gonna be in Stoke before then?
    - Hey, I noticed your profile says you come from Stafford (amongst other places).

    Is that Stafford in Staffordshire? Are you ever here much? I am fully jonesing for somebody to play Melee with in Staffs.
    To the 4 stock I say you should put
    Pendulum - Hold Your Colours
    Pendulum - Another Planet
    cos I like them two DnB songs lol, I would refer Hold Your Colours though but it's your choice or put on any other ones if you have suggestions.
    near Hatfield galleria near where stanborough park is I live near there in the Hatfield business park bit
    Yeap n yes I do but I knw I'm not gonna remember wat u look like LOL but yea cing u at the ranbat shld b kl
    were you using gold link in brawl?
    i think i mightve spoken to you when everyone was crowded around.
    do you remember talking to a chinese guy?
    yo man wat was the name of the guy who played fuzzynes in the double brackets before you??
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