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  • Hey me and my group of buddies aren't going to be able to get there any later than 5:30. would we still be able to sign up at the door for Smash4?
    Yup! You can register in person at any time up until the posted time for the tournament (6pm for Smash 4). There may be a little leeway for latecomers to register, especially if you can notify HASL staff that you'll be late. But once a tournament bracket has actually started, then it's too late to enter that tournament.

    Or, to be on the safe side... preregister! http://vshsv102.eventgrid.com/
    Hey, I'm going to be in Huntsville Alabama in a month to attend college. I'm looking for anyone who plays smash in the Huntsville area by Oakwood University. Look it up if you haven't heard of it. I'm more so into project M but I play melee and brawl too. If you ever want to meet up on campus or where ever let me know if its possible. I will have transport down there
    Awesome, our smash group plays every Wednesday night in Huntsville/Madison, and sometimes on weekends too. The smash apartment used to be right by Oakwood University, but it moved earlier this year. I'll PM you the details.
    Any character can cancel a dash by ledge canceling... but you need a ledge to do that. :p
    Hey man, for fun, can you gie me a definition of ledge-cancelling, in or out of the above context.
    Also note that characters in this game are very balanced compared to most fighting games.
    <3 <3 <3

    Still play?
    Hey! Ledge-canceling is essentially the same in all the Smash games. Try this link for an explanation: http://www.ssbwiki.com/Ledge-canceling

    Do I still play 64? Not really... no one in north Alabama wants to play against me, haha. I thought about going to Apex 2014 for 64 and Melee, but I didn't end up going. I'll be at Evo in July, and I'll bring my 64.
    so do you guys just get together and play ever? I've wanted to do that kind of thing but I haven't had the opportunity.
    Coolwhip: It seems you have visitor messages and private messages disabled, so I'll respond here! We play Smash every Thursday night at my apartment in Huntsville, AL. We mainly play Melee, though if a Brawl person shows up, we can play that game too. ;)
    It turns out Sypher can't house you, neither can ephoenix, neither can I...

    So far, I'm doubting anyone can house you. So for now, just look for any cheap hotels until good news pops up.
    Where in heaven's name do you find those pictures for the Alabama thread? They're awesome!
    R u going to have that smashfest at your apartment this thursday? Munkus said he was having a smashfest that saturday. R both going down because i can probably go to both
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