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  • The difference is control.
    Both people have their absolute best team, so its not a matter of breeding and EVing pokemon till you get the right stats, training them for hours on end, it a matter of who is the better battler. Plus, with me moving, I'm too busy right now to really train my pokemon haha.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I'll start writing on the point of view of the person being footstooled.
    No, but without MK's knocking him out of taking 1st idiots will think he is. However, he at least have bad matchups.
    I doubt it, and I don't care.

    Remove MK and you remove the only real threat to my Snake. :p
    You are horrible in teams. :p Your not HORRIBAD but you play it too much like it's "1vs1 but avoid my friend".

    You... beat... Samboners... Fox? Oo......
    2 things, timeing is really strict, I could nair out sometimes, and it is di-able.
    Oh yea... btw I read your post on pokemon's most epic battle about pikachu using thunder on Swellow and giving it armor. I also rofl'ed at PIKACHU! THE HORN!
    Well, remember, its 3 plus your pokemon's natural growth. This is why evolve as soon as I have the moves I want, to get those higher natural state boost.
    Lvl 49 Empoleon (no traning him for a while hahaha)
    Lvl 38. Scizor with the move set to kill legendaries and other ubers (U-Turn, Pursuit, Roost, Light Screen)
    Lvl 33 Lucario
    Lvl. 19 Chancey
    Lvl 39. Sneasel
    Lvl. 34 Alakazam
    We should definitally play when my team is finished, and some time on Netbattle.
    True, but giving it choice band or choice scarf will allow it to OHKO what ever it sees, then you change pokemon the next turn to avoid his affect and letting your opponent get a free hit.
    Well, yeah, what I meant is that I wasn't expecting to get the ability to catch water pokemon so soon. They fixed that this time.
    I haven't even started up the **** snow trail yet hahahaha. Actually, I got really annoyed with how boring some of the pokemon I picked was, so now I'm busy training new replacement pokemon like Lucario, Sneasel, and Chancy. You don't by chance have a free Heracross do you? There a ***** to find on those trees, but they are one of my favorite. Also, where do I get the prevolved Breeloom?
    Yeah man, I love pokemon, always will. Its an amazingly well built game. The guy who made street fighter was amazed at how good deep and complicated it was hahaha. But yeah, I haven't finished Platnium yet, but when I get my team built, its going to be an anti uber team, with a pack up balanced and sandstorm team. Gold and Silver remakes look amazing, don't they.
    Nevermend there is no time limit.
    There isn't much discussion in there anyway, so you wont miss anything.
    I didn't quit the King. Just the public DDD board.
    And I'm still not impressed by your stuff. You'll have to impress me before you get in :)
    Actually, yeah, if Snake and Jiggs are the same, I think the whole cast will be the same.
    You should be able to get more accurate percentages using the practice room. You can set the computer to jump and you don't have to take in account for stale moves. I've got to go, but try to finish there.
    usmash is too slow, and doesn't kill fast enough. Utilt kills sooner for some reason.
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