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    What characters look like they could be top tier.

    :4sheik: is strong on pro level :4zss: is strong on any level :4greninja: is good as well just like sheik :4bowser: kills ridiculously early and is fast as fudge for the heaviest character :rosalina: that double char mechanic is strong. But she can die really early because she is a lightweight...
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    Smash 3DS The game is coming out tomorrow. How much time have you put into the demo?

    I was gonna do this but I got embarrassed when I found out how much more coins and play time I have relative to others :<
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    Who are your top 10 for Smash 4 ?

    :4charizard: - Red Charizard looks great and I love charizard ever since I've known myself. I guess the only smash character that could have surpassed him is Raichu. If only he was in the roster.. :4wiifit: - "Let's stretch our legs!" lol hilarious character with flashy moves. I love it...
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    Charizard Videos Thread

    Who is that charizard denti is playing damn.
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    The Chozo Armory: Samus Moveset Variation Thread

    I don't know, maybe you send someone flying off stage then while they recover put a big bomb at the ledge fire 3 slow missiles and a slow charge shot then giggle as you watch them recover :p.
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    Three Spikes

    When someone's recovering you can jump and try to get as close as possible and do a side-special. If your head misses because you couldn't get close, your ball might still hit. I think that's good. Also her side special spikes a bit diagonally so if you read a jump while someone is trying to...
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    Charizard Videos Thread

    Honestly those were the best Charizard plays I have seen so far in 3ds (charizard vods are rare). I got lucky and mew2king noticed my question on another stream chat. He told me in his opinion Charizard is neither great nor bad. He named some of his moves that he thinks are great; I can't...
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    What Characters Are You Going to Use?

    I just updated my signature so I am glad you made this post.
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    Best Megaman as of right now!

    Best Megaman as of right now!
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    Wii Fit Trainer Data Compilation

    Okay thanks!
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    Wii Fit Trainer Data Compilation

    Hey I read somewhere on this forum that Wii-Fit can deal %40 damage with a fully charged Sun's Salutation after a perfect Deep Breathing. Could you test it out for me?
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    Social The WFTGD: How About Some Deep Breathing?

    @Carrill Well the shiek player is Captain Jack smash god of Japan.... I'd be afraid of any character he plays but yeah Shiek is strong. Btw Thanks for posting these videos, just what I wanted.
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