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  • Oh no our graduation is different.
    We leave school, but have public examinations that determine whether we meet our University offers or not.
    So they gave me an offer of A Chemistry, A Biology, B French.
    I have to take my exams now and if I meet those requirements, I get to go, lol.

    Still, I'm done on June 18th until September 23rd.
    Man I got like 6 exams coming up. :(
    You got university finals coming up?
    Ahah wow, already? XD

    Actually, my stick is starting to die on me too. I can hold down for like a sec, go back to neutral and my character will stay crouched for another sec ;_;, sigh. Where's my Seimistsuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Too pro.

    Check out the thread that says "Never enough ****"

    That's mine.
    None of that **** required

    One time we should coordinate flame wars and epic trolling on certain threads.

    Check out /gif/, /b/ is down so they all moved there.
    4chan isn't really a proper forum per se it's an imageboard.

    Wikipedia it lulz, and check it up on Urbandictionary.

    Everyone there goes by the name Anonymous
    It will melt your brain.

    The best (ie worst) section, /b/, is down right now, so the main point of congregation is /gif/.

    Still it's **** hilarious, it's just insane and downright nasty. It's great fun.
    Man that's a shame =\

    Still do you post on 4chan? We can orchestrate our own threads and stuff there, or just flame loads of newf*g Anons.
    hi mith a lil while that i don't talk with you so how are you fine im hope

    Cool:bigthumbu,maybe someday when you do have another one.But did something happen to your system?One of my friend's system recently died on him.:urg:
    Hey,what's up?I'm one of the new group member for SF4 earlier & thought I drop in to say I'm not on added to the list yet.Maybe we could have some normal matches sometimes.:)
    You mean Treget will delete you?
    My desktop PC is broken.
    So I'm using my laptop which is a Mac.

    I'll get MB working soon enough.
    na, back is block. D is shield. it's kinda like parrying. EX-Shield (around the frame you get hit) gives you an advantage, regular shield doesnt.
    lol, the game is not hard at all. It's really simple compared to other games like it. It's just not street fighter or anything like that; has a crapload of overheads, anti air for the most part is a hell of alot different than any game, pressure game be out of this world, no throw breaks.

    I dunno what to tell you, you really could pickup a character in like a day or two with some work.

    Yeah, PM me the link. This is the latest version of Melty Blood for the PC, right?
    And do you know if it has online play?

    P.S. I might be picking up Arcana Heart 1 for the PS2 soon and try that out.
    I would've imported the sequel, but... you know how bad the port is.
    -laughs- man you need aim or something to chat with meh. :p

    But you need MBCaster, it's a lil dos program thing that somebody made. From there you just need to config it (which isnt hard, usually it's just putting it in the right place, and then a place to play.

    I could like, email it to you or something to that effect.
    Like, have you ever gotten it to work? Or is it just a problem that randomly comes up? or what?
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