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  • He's a Yorkshire terrier.

    Now wait wait wait... you seriously have a caught with my birthday? That's moving beyond "star-crossed" and into crazy paranormal weirdness, and that's not even taking into account our recent concurrent deaths.
    Well I know you'd want me to, but I'm totally serious. You are 1 week short of being exactly 2 years younger than me, and are exactly 14 years older than my dog.
    ...Whoa. Are you aware that you have the same birthday as my dog Mr. Peabody, and that that's exactly 1 week before my birthday?
    Hey don't back out now, we've already come this far!

    I mean uh...
    Well I am dead. I don't have to abide by social norms anymore.

    Neither do you, apparently, ya necrophiliac.
    You mixed up your sentence. It's not that I couldn't hurt lil ol you if I wanted, it's that I couldn't want to hurt lil ol you if I had to. I could still do it, I just wouldn't be happy about it. ;)
    Psh don't give me those. You were trying to kill me first. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have figured it out until later. ;)
    I totally knew you were maf in Newbie too! I was definitely going to push for your lynch in D2. Know how I knew? It's because you pushed for my lynch. You and I are attuned so well that I knew that you knew that I was town. But it was too late to push for your lynch D1. :p
    it's 8:40 evening... I'm shooting a programme thingy atm lol which is why I've been very on/off I'll tell you about it tonight! I'll probs come on about midnight-ish (my time) when I get back which would make it your evening? Sorry for all this hassle btw - katakangaroo is letting us down but i'll pick it up hopefully by tonight!
    kk I'll be on tonight probably all night in a couple of hours (my time) so we'll find each other there. I think it's cos of our time zones that we keep missing each other!
    It always makes me giggle when I see that the most recently posted thread in the game room is a mafia game.

    And you're the most recent poster.
    You should probably stop trying to play every mafia game at once. :3
    may shmay! Starting from tomorrow I'll be more on active on aim so we can discuss things as our evolved hydra. Also could you add me? My aim name is the same as this one!
    Then your cat is awesome. I love having a summer birthday because every 6 months, I get presents. :D
    oh god... I think i know which one it was... I'll check tonight and hopefully make a post but could you make a notice that we'll be in so our spot isn't wasted!
    aye 'aye o wise kangaroo from las americas... I couldn't even figure out how to post!
    I hear that Summoner guy will be online for probably the next 30 minute and then offline for an hour and then online for a few more hours.
    Oh yeah, I got an accurate measure of my height today. 191cm

    I blame Pizza hut for being 4 cm out :)
    lollies = sweets

    Have fun :)

    I ended up going to sleep at around 3am after playing smash with Zero for aaages (He got smashed. Don't ask him, he'll just lie). Just got back from washing the car and it's a little hot outside.
    playing video games, lollies, etc. My computer died so I'm posting this from a laptop :|

    Thanks for the happy birthday :)

    Do you have any plans for the weekend.
    Computer Science, minoring in Japanese. Hoping to double major in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.
    It's the closest to where I live. I live around 2 hours out from Sydney and the only Uni that isn't more than an hour or two away is this one. The mosquitos aren't that bad once you stop noticing the itching :)

    So yeah, I'm sitting in a computer lab with around 40 computers all by my self and I'll be like this for at least another hour and a half :(
    I did. I just don't enjoy the millions and millions of mosquitos that frequent the place(the uni is practically on the edge of a swamp, I'm suprised it hasn't fallen in it)
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