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  • :037: <----this kind

    well, it's not a hodog, but it's a hotfox; so pretty much the same thing ms. mcmaymayz
    Why did you drop off of the PR panel? I hope nobody told you it was a biased scam blah blah or you feel that way. I'm interested to hear what you have to say, so hope you don't feel threatened by this message.
    Tis' blue Ms. May. However, Vamp has it so... yeah, give me some other blue color (if available)
    Yeah, was gonna request you right after Newbie 5 was over but I forgot till now, lol.

    Playing the game with you was fun, first time I got a chance to play as scum and you helped out a lot. :)
    Lol holy crap.

    You know, if you have unlimited text, this'd be a lot easier to continue that way, and this is not just a ploy to get your number.*

    *It is. ;)
    So wait, you just didn't do anything and it healed itself up? Wow.

    How'd you find out it was broken if you didn't go to a hospital?
    I've never really had a serious injury before, like ever. No broken bones, no trips to the emergency room (not for me, anyway), etc. I've been pretty lucky so far in the regard.

    What about you?
    Oh yeah, my friends and I love to go camping. Just chilling all day by a fire, bringing along the means to cook our own food over a fire, I love it.

    Gah, that sucks about your brother. He was alright, I assume, but d*mn.

    The most serious injury we had was when we put water into an empty beer bottle and stuck it in the fire to watch and listen to it boil. The opening in the bottle was facing my friend, but he was sitting like 6 feet away. Still, suddenly the bottle just shot the boiling water out like a shotgun blast, got all over him. The water cooled almost instantly after touching him, since it came out in a big spray, so he was fine. Still, wasn't a fun experience for him. :p
    Europe was definitely the best trip I've ever taken. I enjoyed China (and all of my other trips), but Europe was me and my three best friends with Eurail passes, backpacks with clothes, and pretty much nothing else. Our "plans" at best consisted of which country we planned to be in on any given week, but it wasn't really any more concrete than that. We had an amazing time. We started in Lisbon, Portugal, and finally ended up in Oslo, Norway. I've never been THAT free before.

    As for where I want to go next, I definitely want to go to Australia/New Zealand. There's some amazing stuff out there, I could definitely spend a long time out there. On the other hand, I'd love to do Europe again, just because it was SO fun.

    Have you ever been camping?
    That's an easy one for me. 6th grade. School dance. Slow dancing awkwardly with a girl, when a guy runs up behind me and pulls my pants down.

    Needless to say, I went home. :p

    Ok how about, what place do you most want to go to that you haven't been yet. And Malaysia doesn't count because you already have a trip planned.
    Lol, at this point the Twilight Zone is just not going to go away. Just get used to it. :p

    Ok how about this. What was your most embarassing moment?
    That brother is 21. I have three younger brothers, the other two are 19 and 15. The 19-year-old is engaged. =/ I'm not sure if that's going to work out.

    And of COURSE you're an English major. I don't even know why I bothered to ask that. :p (I graduated with an English degree in December of '08.)

    What about you, any siblings?
    Hmm ok. Did you catch that you being half-Chinese mirrors my brother's future child, assuming he marries his Chinese girlfriend, and that this just added to the weird parallels between us?

    But that's just a yes or no, so here are some bonus questions. Are you in school now? If so, what are you studying? Do you have a job? If so, where at? Do you like it?
    Hey, Smash Balls are fun. :p Not to mention when I'm playing as Dedede against my friends, I literally always get it. I have a 100% capture rate as Dedede. :)

    As for tournaments, I did mention my 96th place right? ;) I would like to try and make it Airship if at all possible, so I'm going to have to see.
    Well, I think melée is technically a better game, but for just pure fun, I'd easily go with Brawl. More characters (including Dedede and Squirtle!), Smash Balls, etc. :p
    Well Livvers, Matt, and Canis Lupus all live here, and then in Dallas I met Bahamut, Bahamutess, Revolutions, Azua, Scav, Dr. Drew the Dragon, CORY, Mediocre, Varuna and a few others. Some of them don't visit the site anymore. I was also at Moast3, where I tied with a bunch of other people for like 96th place!

    I'm not that good at Smash. :p
    Of course! Our apartment is awesome, and I've been diligently going into Manhattan several days a week to look for cool new stuff to do. So pick a date and come on up!
    Well if you can swing it you should visit New York before, say, December. I know a place you could stay at completely free of charge. ;)
    Psh girl please.

    Let's see, I've been all along the Gulf of Mexico (the parts in America anyway), my family and I took a road trip up to Niagra Falls and Toronto, I went to Vegas on my friend's 21st birthday, I've been up in the highlands of Scotland twice, I drove 12 hours to go camping in Misspuri with Azua, I've been to Disneyworld like a dozen times with my family because we all love that place, I've been to New Orleans plenty of times (pre- and post-Katrina) (it's only two hours away), I've gone on vacation with my family to Los Angeles/San Francisco, and I took a 5-week backpacking trip around Europe last summer for 5 weeks.

    So yeah, in May we left for Europe, came back five weeks later, I was home for two weeks, and then off to China for 6 weeks. It was an eventful summer. :p

    I think that covers just about everything, excluding more mundane trips like to Alabama to see family or to Dallas for a Smash tournament/BRoomer meetup. Although now I've covered those too. :)

    What about you? Any cool trips?
    Honestly, I preferred Dagong (my brother's girlfriend's hometown) to anywhere else. It was small(ish), and had tons of cool local stuff to do. I don't mind being in a big city, but when I'm traveling I prefer just being out with regular people, seeing how they have fun, that kind of stuff. The big cities were cool, but they were just big cities with Chinese flavoring, you know? Whereas in the smaller towns it really felt like I was IN China.
    Well, my brother that Disneyworld internship thing for college where you go work there for 6 months and get school credit. There are a lot of Chinese students in the program too, and my brother started dating one of them. This was fall of '08, so he was going to see her over the summer. I said something to the effect of "Man, going to China, that'd be awesome." So he invited me to come along too. It was a fantastic trip, we hit Dagong, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Beijing. :D
    Lol, I work the overnight shift at a major Petco store. 8pm to 8am which does suck, but I only work two nights a week, giving me the other five to explore and do new stuff in the city, so it's all worked out pretty well.

    And yeah, I was in China for 6 weeks last summer and I had some amazing food, so I'm seeing if I can find anything like it. In fact, my favorite restaurant in the ENTIRE WORLD is located in Dagong, China. It's a little family-run hot pot restaurant with some AMAZING spicy water. Oh man, I miss that place.
    It's basically a 1-year vacation where I also have to work, but it's been pretty great so far. I've been going out all the time just to see new stuff. Today I'm going to Chinatown to look for some good authentic Chinese food.
    I'm from Louisiana, but I'm currently living in New York City! I'm actually living with someone from SWF, Matt, a BRoomer I've known for years.

    And Muppets are definitely next on the list!
    Oh man, the Mupets were a major part of my childhood. And they're still watchable today for adults, they hold up incredibly well and are still hilarious.

    And yeah, I finished COMPLETELY LEGALLY downloading Ravenous and then my Internet went out, so I couldn't download the Xvid codec I needed to watch it, so I'm going to sleep and will try again tomorrow.

    I'm also going to Chinatown to see if I can find some good, authentic Chinese food tomorrow.
    May we HAVE to hydra for Gheb's Muppet game! I will pick up the extra slack if you can't post much, but considering it looks like Tom's game will be pushed back anyway, do you want to?

    I have an unhealthy love for the Muppets. :p
    Yeah I definitely choked up at the beginning, and then again right at the very end; but there were no actual tears, so I'm still technically a man. :p

    And it's a date. You find a copy of The Blues Brothers, and I'll find Ravenous. Let me know what you think!
    Definitely seen Up! (everyone working at Pixar is a genius), but I've never even heard of Ravenous.
    It's this really surreal comedy-musical with John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. It's got one of the best soundtracks ever (it not a "traditional" musical, they got some of the best musicians ever to do some awesome songs; James Brown Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway, etc.), it's got the TWO best car chases ever put on film, bad guys that include an idiotic Country bar owner and Illinois Nazis, and it's got Carrie Fisher (AKA Princess Leia) using various huge weapons to try and kill John Belushi for most of the movie. And the ending is incredible.

    As long as you don't go into it expecting something serious, you will love it. I say that generally, but YOU specifically will almost definitely love it, considering our shared brainwaves.
    Oh man, are you kidding? Even just the name translates from Latin as "Tyrant lizard king." That's literally its name. That's the best name for an animal ever. Also, it was basically a giant mouth with legs. T-Rex was king of the dinosaurs.

    And ok, about you feeling that my color was blue, it's starting to get kind of Twilight Zone-y. Here's the ultimate test. If the following even sounds at all familiar to you, then I'll assume that we are in fact the same person:

    Your parents were set up on a blind date in November. One month later, your mother wanted your father to propose, but he didn't. Instead he waited until Valentine's Day, two months later. In October, less than a year after they were introduced, they got married.

    Please tell me that this does not sound familiar, because if it does, then either you're a figment of my imagination, or I'm a figment of yours... Either way, not good news for our planned horrifying zombie sex.

    Color - Blue
    Movie - The Blues Brothers
    Animal (currently alive) - Peregrin Falcon
    Animal (of all time) - Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Your turn
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