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  • Can you please stop posting in the Make Your Move thread if you have nothing remotely worthwhile to add?

    OK People I no your going to come and tell me to stop bumping threads, I jut did it on accident because I didn't read Year.

    Im Sorry and I will try my best never to do it again.
    can you please stop osting in the lucario exports if you have nothing extremely game-changing to add?

    uhh, would you mind not double posting AND bumping threads unnescessarily? your bumping the fox and shiek with completely useless ans n00bish sounding comments arent very helpful and only served to push the important threads down even further. oyu also sound like your below 13 or something... but back to the point. being a n00b isnt a crime. but what your doing now kinda is. Lurk more and imrpove before you continue to post. i was a n00b like you 9 months ago, but now im a part of the lucario community. just trying to help. others wont be as kind.
    Sup. Basically all you have to do is show up to some tournaments, post some information and prove that you're decent with the character and thats pretty much it. The guy who owns it lets wifi players in lol so its not hard.
    Sorry, I don't play on Wifi. If you wanna learn and improve at the game you should look into offline tournaments in your area.
    Since the more time you spend on SmashBoards, the more knowledgable you'll get, and the more you post, it's basically a way to implement how long somebody has been within the community, contributing to the game's advancement and participating in the community itself.

    It goes, Smash n00b, Smash Child, Smash Journeyman, Smash Apprentice, Smash Lord, and then Smash Master, once you reach 2,000 posts.

    It doesn't really matter, and you shouldn't let it affect you. There are several people who have high post counts, and they are idiots. Some people have only 100 posts, and they are a lot more intelligent than those people with 4,000 posts. It's simply a rankings list based on how many posts you have obtained, and nothing more.

    Who swore?

    Link me, and I'll explain more later.

    And don't mind the custom title, it has nothing to do with you personally, it's just a system based off ranks, which are divided into post counts.

    So, the more posts you have, the better your title gets.
    And one more question,
    under my Forum name it says Smash child, well how do I change that because it makes me sound down graded
    Yep, I know what you're talking about. And man, it really DID disturb me... Just thinking of a fat pregnant Pikachu in real life breastfeeding lots of pikachu babies that might look like baby rats (which are ugly) makes me feel all weird inside. :D
    I see.

    So, you joined january 11th, or november 1st? If your answer is the second one, you are one great magician.
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