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  • TRUE, MY LIGHT POWERS SHALL GIVE ME THE GIFT OF ESSENCE! (Btw, My person is like the Hylian vesin of Rock Lee)
    Ahhh, Tempt your hand NOT! I shall reign supreme my friend, THE POWER OF MY TRIFORCE IS UNMATCHED!
    :chuckle:Cool, Before i left, i was wastin people like crazy with my peach, im thinkin about maining peach, but its undecided, still got my pit and luigi though, and of course my ice climbers offline(Still undefeated with my ice climbers offline) But anyway, my peach is pretty good, and so is my jigglypuff, but id rather use peach online more now, my jiggs is better offline where its easier to get in that rest attack:laugh:
    Sup Bro! I still cant brawl yet, i dont have my wii here, imma get it back in febuary or this month, im still here in alabama, im usin my aunt's computer, but i can only use it 1nce or twice a week..... so whats up?
    Just uh, try to keep the rolling and smashing to a minimum. Try mixing it up a bit. You did alright though. GGs.
    Hello. I accept your challenge. Please hold for a few minutes while I turn my wii on.
    gimping means getting a kill at a low percent when you normally won't (aka Mario using cape). footstool is whn you jump on the opponents head.
    Alright, yes you definitely have to tone it down with the rolling, but hey, I did it that often less than two months ago.

    I had to leave since I had played 2 hours before our matches, and my hands were getting tired.
    If you type "10chars", you only have to type a four letter post, since "10chars" is already six out of the ten characters required per post.




    However it's heavily looked down upon since it's just heavily lazy to not make a 10-letter post, although some people just add it to the end of their post to be funny (regardless of the length of the post).
    LOL, you don't know?

    Here's a hint: You need at least ten letters/numbers/symbols in a post.
    Well, I'm pretty rolly too from the sounds of it, although I don't approach by using it so if you're doing that, yeah you should tone it down. Sidesteps and shielding are better defenses.

    And like he said, rolling into an FSmash isn't a combo, it should be saved for a kill move since it can stale pretty easily from use. I'd recommend subbing with tilts, jabs, or low-to-the-ground aerials for those scenarios.

    The problem with rolling is that it becomes too predictable and easily becomes a bad habit.

    Fight a CPU and see the replay afterward, or do a few matches on With Anyone and look at a replay you save and review what you should change from that.
    Just remember to enforce good habits. I had a rolling problem and I'm doing much better getting over that problem. There's one other piece of advice to give you. Look at some Mario vids. Boss would be the best person. Look at things he does. If there's something you do a lot that he doesn't (eg. excessive rolling) don't do it. If he does a lot of something you don't do much (spacing with bair) start doing that.
    *sigh* wifi. My mortal enemy. I hate playing on wifi because it ****s me over and I can't do what I want. If we played offline, you wouldn't have won. Wifi made me unable to punish stupid easy things like that Fsmash. You are using it way too much. You believe in this false fact that roll > Fsmash is a combo. It doesn't work offline. Actually you are very smash happy which is a very bad habit. Second is that you roll way too ****ing much. You have no reason to roll especially as an approach. Just walk or dash. It's faster and better because you can do things out of a dash or walk unlike a roll. Rolling is bad and if it was offline you would've been punished so much.

    Those are your two giant problems: rolling and being smash happy. Use your aerials and fireballs to rack up damage. Fix those.
    I'm sorry, but the only days I have time to Brawl are during the weekends, how about friday?
    Sorry bro, im not gonna be online for a while maybe, ill ask if i can get on, but i might not be able to, ill tell you, if i can
    I can't, my Wii broke and I sent it to Nintendo for them to repair. Sorry. : /
    You're being a little hard on yourself.

    The only stupid questions are the ones that are stated directly above them.
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