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  • I found a competitive Starcraft 2 player in my psychology class today. He also used to play Melee semi-competitively it seems. Are you 2 available on Friday at like 6 or 7pm for Melee?
    We can play both. 3rd Strike first? I'll be heading out to Subway then for lunch. I'll text you when I leave there so we'll meet up at the apartment around the same time
    Yeah, text me anytime you want to play. I'd want to eat lunch before we do. Want to try that Chinese place for lunch or dinner?
    Send me the photo

    Also, I got the 3S working now. It's the very 1st release of the game. It's so pixelated and sounds terrible (compared to Online Edition) but it's got all the same cahracter (im)balances which is what matters
    It turns out I was actually given 8 violet silent Sanwa buttons. You still want them? I can sell them for like $3 each

    I also have silent cherry and zippy stick microswitches. They're not dead-silent like Sanwa's silent switches (zippies are the quieter of the 2). Those cost me $80. I could sell you them for $10 or $5 respectively. The zippy ones have a larger dead zone and hitting diagonal on Sanwa's octagonal restrictor gate feels a bit impossible. The cherry ones feel fine though. I don't know if a square gate gives more possibility of hitting there. Never tested it

    Would you like a free octagon gate made by Paradise Arcade? When I tried adding 1 of their circle gates to my restrictor gate holder after swapping gates too many times it broke. I do have an extra gate holder in case it fails

    I impulse bought too many arcade things over the Summer
    The more you know, eh?
    It's been about two-three years since most of the people we knew started disappearing which, I suppose, is a reasonably long amount of time for an internet forum. But regardless, I concur; it does feel like it's been longer than that.
    People simply move onwards with their lives. Smash is a phase, not a lifestyle. Interest slowly begins to wane and then there's little motive to linger around a website essentially designed around that specified subject. At least, that proved true in my case anyhow.
    Many of the so-called "old" members I see here just socialize now within their established knit of friends. I'm sure there'll be an influx of new users once the next game is released. Then eventually, people will start wondering why the Togepi boards died out.

    Likewise, Claybacca.
    Stay crispy
    Nope, never told you it. I've seldom ever been the type to be so openly personal with people without incentive(even if it is something as insignificant as a name) but, it's Anthony.

    Senior year of high school right now. Man, time seems to have passed by really quickly
    Ahh. The Jigglypuff boards faded into obscurity which, I suppose, was bound to happen soon enough. Back at the time when we used to frequent it, it was already creeping towards death. It was fun while it lasted I suppose.

    Good luck at college. Clay, was it?
    I stopped playing smash a while back so I saw little need to come here anymore. Consider this a reassurance that I still do exist. From the looks of it, you're still alive too, ja? How've you been?
    yeah i don't go to tournaments anymore I still check the boards though once in a while but I thank you for asking.
    But MW3 is what MW2 should have been. D:

    I mean, I don't get n00b tubed nearly as much in this game as I did in MWTF2. ;)
    I won't be hope til around 6pm~ won't be on until 7-8pm~ due to homework.

    -8 GMT timezone
    The admins made a massive overhaul of the tourney system on SWF. The blue name no longer exists.
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