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    Gay smashers?

    Literally same
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    What were your reaction to Joker's reveal?

    I have no idea who he is so not much of a reaction.
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    Does Lucas not have any combos?

    I've tried to do that but I have a hard time doing it on smaller characters like pichu and kirby. And I feel like Lucas got buffs and nerfs in alot of his moves. Like for example his psi magnet pulls enemies in so it's easier to hit them with it, but at the cost of not being able to stop in...
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    Does Lucas not have any combos?

    As much as I love Lucas I see little to no combos he can do. His main combo in smash 4 was his down throw into aerial attacks, but now he can't do that so I'm stumped. Ness can still do that and his yo-yo is alot better for edgeguarding so is Lucas just completely inferior to him? My favorite...
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    Choose 3 characters for an "Echo Fighter Pass"

    Yeah that would make more sense. I always pictured the baby bros to fight in there crib from mario kart Double Dash but that would look weird XD. And having chain chomp be there final smash.
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    Choose 3 characters for an "Echo Fighter Pass"

    Birdo(:ultyoshi:)using her superior suction instead of a tongue. Plusle and minun(:ulticeclimbers:) using electricity instead of ice, so they'll be Semi-clones. Paula(:ultness:) I'd like to see more earthbound fighters.
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    Seriously why does lucas have this stuff. Kill confirms and kill grabs tf!!!

    He really needs it especially since his down throw combo got nerfed and he depended on that alot. Smash 4 Lucas mains have to change there strategy in ultimate with this change. My favorite buff was his pk freeze, now it's a scary kill special instead of a useless special.
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    Petition to allow yoshi to tether grab with his tongue

    3. How exactly would that work? 4. There are other characters that should be able to tether grab more than yoshi, like luigi's vacuum.
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    Characters you dislike fighting

    I always have trouble against zelda. I feel like I can't ever get close to her, she has reflect so I can't throw anything at her, her up b gets me alot and it's hard to edgeguard. I always tell myself she has lag in alot of her attacks so that's my opening but I panic when I fight her for real lol.
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    I really dislike king k rool

    His attacks are pretty slow and can be countered with grabs if super armored. He's easily comboed and will try to counter or land neutral air , you can bait these by not continuing a combo when you normally would, and punish him for trying to get out of your combo. Krool’s options outside of...
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    As a pichu secondary main I approve this message

    As a pichu secondary main I approve this message
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    New To Smash Chose Pokemon Trainer

    Pokemon trainer is one tricky fighter to master if you want to main all 3 pokemon. Squirtle is speed, Ivysaur is defense, and charzard is power. I'd recommend starting off with squirtle to rack up some damage and switch to charzard to finish them off. Not sure about ivysaur...I've seen people...
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    Cuts for future installments?

    This is getting so annoying another thread asking which character should be cut. Why? Every character should stay in from here on out.
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    Do you prefer the male trainer or the female trainer?

    Male pokemon trainers voice just sounds....weird compared to his voice in brawl. While the female pokemon trainers voice goes with her artwork and she's cute.
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    I read people yelling about Joker being in smash and I swear I thought they meant the Joker from...

    I read people yelling about Joker being in smash and I swear I thought they meant the Joker from batman.
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