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  • Lol, I actually didn't see your avatar when I changed mine. I guess great minds think alike. I also posted the comic in the group a few days ago.
    Joe said he could help house you guys. So if one or two guys want to stay with me and the rest stay with Rogueblades then that would work out great. Let me know if this works out!
    We could try that. The only problem I could see with this plan is space. I have a dorm room is all but Joe (Rogueblades) and Caleb have living spaces and live less than two minutes down the road from me so between the three of us we should be able to figure out some housing. I may not be able to drive with you Saturday because I have a rehearsal and it would be pushing it to get there on time. That's ok for me, but I wouldn't want to do that to all of you guys. I'll talk to Joe and Caleb about housing and get back to you. We can play at one of our places that Friday night too if you guys are down.
    Well I'm probably coming back Saturday night regardless so that wouldn't be an issue, just Friday night.

    Basically, since it's easter weekend I get the feeling I need to be in Evansville Sunday (which is 2 hours south of Bloomington). I have housing Friday night, in theory, but it's only for me (which I already can't take because Squid is coming with me).
    The other option is I could get you friday and we could get a hotel, and I could tough out Saturday night, take like a nap or something then truck to Evansville but it's really up in the air now.
    Either way, having you to help with gas would be a bit better than not having you to help with gas haha
    I don't have Photoshop, so I can't really do that with images ^^;. Best I can do is crop and resize them XD.
    OMG Yes <3! You switched back to your awesome Pit avatars ^__^! I think I'll make a switch soon too ^__^. I only need to find a good picture!
    Are you confirmed now for Vengeance? You said probably on skype, but then seemed certain in the top 5 thread.

    I need to let FAE know tonight :|
    Get a ride to my tournament this saturday!!!!

    Also it's a weird long weekend as it stands, since I might be driving home saturday night and two hours south to Evansville sunday morning, so I'll keep you updated. In theory it shouldn't be too bad to get you from Indy but like I said, I'll have to get everything figured out first.
    You still play Pit right...? RIGHT? Why do you have a picture of Fox as your avatar? Does that mean you've switched to him D:?????
    I'm planning to take top 2 this Saturday at a local with pit :3333333333333 (Maybe 1...but Vinnie is gonna be there)
    This was on SWF ._.;; Don't know anything except she's from South California, perhaps we can find out if someone knows her from the SoCal social?
    From what she told me:

    ...my laptop's harddrive has failed last week and this is the first time i was able to get onto a computer to reply to anyone. i am currently (currently as in exactly this moment) fixing it and backing up my data and then i will be able to completely finish and send this off to you. i'm so sorry about this. :/ it shouldnt be long until i have everything running again. if worse comes to worse ill be sending this into a shop as soon as i can.
    This is what's up (if its true), but that was sent to me 2 months ago :\ I even saw the near finished result at Apex
    Did Laurel ever reply to you? (Also in the same boat of not getting my tag at Apex)
    lol kk have a good rest and always have your wallet on you because when your tired you never know that you may forget something important. That is a lesson I learned the hard way -_-.
    That avi.
    Can't tell if dude with long hair and nurse outfit...
    Or chick with goatee.


    Oh and uh,
    congratzs on the level up to mod status I guess? ,:3
    Now that is cool.

    Be sure to stick with the second option (the pic I posted on vm, which is collapsed) just in case that feel like changing your avi, which you would do that in more than 3 months.
    Rather than congratulating you like most others have, having been a moderator of your board, I'd like to say, welcome to hell.
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