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  • I mean, the main thing we want is someone that knows the character community fairly well and is connected to it. Even if you're not big in the discussions themselves, that will help you select good panelists so that we don't have any public backlash like last time. In the event you decide not to lead, is there anyone (BBR or otherwise) you'd suggest for the job?
    Meow! I'm guessing you fell asleep in the skype call today? You said you were tired. Get some rest so we can play some later. :king:
    Krystedez I'm having a house part sunday September 23rd and since I know you never check tournament listings on your own I'm telling you right now
    lol thanks. My friend actually drew that to scare the **** out of us on facebook. She is a really good artist but this was something for lols <3
    If you had a way to get to Indy earlier we could still pick you up, since we have to wait for Mikey Hams to get out of school.

    But yeah we have housing friday and saturday night
    Man you know I dunno how to spell your name.

    Also the INKY social(although basically just the Indiana social now). Wanna go to chicago this weekend?
    Gotcha, I would've decided the same thing if it weren't for the fact that the smash community is pretty much dead around here, so Marvel is the best thing as far as activity goes. Then it's KOF, but I don't care enough about that game to play.

    Anyways I got to finish 3 birthday gifts for next week, after that I'll send you a PM about the trade. Alrighty?
    Heh well, that's reassuring. Funny you said dragons since that was the few things I drew for a few years in middleschool. I've been working on sci-fi backgrounds abit more in my current works but I'll try more surreal stuff sometime. Heh, maybe we should art trade sometime? :D

    By the way, how far'd you get into Umvc3? Right now I'm running Dante/Raccoon/Dorm, and have actually been doing pretty well in tourneys with it. Teleport cross ups and zoning yo.
    Alright, 1 more watch, and one more person who knows of my secret life! Glad you like my drawings, I just hope I keep things varied enough. Because one of my smash pals said "If you've seen 1 drawing, you've seen 90% of them"
    Well, I'll don't have an active DA account but I do have a colors! ID. You'll have to do some real detective work on the FA one, unless I just decide to poke you.
    I've only posted on your stuff twice
    letting flopmatic take over your thread.

    Sis this puta bumped me down from 2nd to 5th because he doesn't like me.

    So I have been meaning to ask, but where was your last avatar from? I loved the art style of it.
    Hey I guess I'm picking you up tonight. My number is (260) 388-5867, if you could text/call me sometime before we get to your place so I know what your number is that would be great.

    I guess we're leaving really soon, so see you later!
    I'll give you more specific details about what time we are leaving there Saturday morning when I figure them out.
    Wow that is scary similar to me haha. I was the same way, I used Ness for the majority of N64 and pretty much all of Melee and then when Brawl came-out, I became a die-hard Lucas main. I got decent with him but never anything brag-worthy. I just love his character as the shy timid kid who is actually pretty dag on powerful.

    And suuure thing Krys. Btw, I had a question. What brought you to DGames randomly and like with such gusto to play so many games/get so enwrapped in it?
    Mhmm haha, I remember that place well because it used to be me and rPSI pumping life into it but we both got busy with senior year of high school, I got more into mafia than smash, and it ended up killing the lucas boards together. *shrug* All it needs is a little dusting every now and then to be honest haha. No one really cares about the Lucas MUs anymore and Lucas' only true potential is LT tournies/Low-Mid-tier and also just a double boss.

    Buuuut yeah, I'm probably going to be posting there a bit more now that I am trying to get back into competitive smash but idk if I will be using Lucas but he like has the special place as my first main and the boards I really put a lot of effort into helping haha.
    Oh wow, small SWF but you are the new mod of the Lucas boards? Man that place changes mods a lot haha, I remember when I was the only person running it as a Discussion Leader.
    i don't LOL i just noticed that too. like i really want to go but at the same time this might be troublesome and we might have to ask the front desk
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