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  • Right now we have 4 people in the car going to Phoenix Saga. If, by some chance, that one of them decides not to go I'm sure that if you met us in Huntington you could both car pool with us.

    But I'd also have to talk tot he driver about that. If we had some more people willing to car pool we MIGHT be able to take two cars, but I doubt that.
    You aren't supposed to leak infraction histories.

    I just save you some trouble.
    Oh, then thank you to all of you then. I was starting to get annoyed myself and it takes a lot to annoy me.
    I apologize if my friend kulet was ever annoying over skype, at times she tries to intentionally annoy me. Still a good friend of mine though. Sorry if you ever got annoyed.
    Yes I am :D haha. So far it seems we both like tanooki bowser, wuffle, wolves(or so it seems based on your avatars from before), housepets characters, nasus, volibear(I really want him as well, I like bears in general), warwick, and your current avatar again. Did I miss anything? Stop liking what I like lol.

    Oh, I see. I do enjoy some of those characters a lot as well. I used to main Dr. Mario and Roy only, until a ton of space animal players showed up in our club :/
    Hmmmm wow, just noticed you main roy in melee. He's actually one of my most played side characters despite maining the op space animals. Too much in common I swear o_o......

    I also play a lot better with my roy then my marth. My marth is super bad, like my sheik. It's really funny.
    Alright thank you. I do actually have a concert I have to walk to tonight for music class at 7 my time though (pacific time) I should be back around 8-9 though. I completely forgot about it yesterday.
    Hey, if your free tomorrow night can we play some LoL? I haven't been lagging lately and I probably won't be tomorrow unless I fall behind on my smash club's tournament uploads because the matches really lag my computer :/

    Also, Riven is reaaaaaalllly fun. :D Do you think I could play her if I held the room(I think it gets us lower level opponents, not fully sure tho) and i've won a lot of games with her lately.
    Ok, and yeah he did have tele so he would always warp to team fights. He also got the most kills on his team.
    So I was watching a ranked battle with Nasus and he went hp pendant>sorc stone> ninja tabi > glacial > frozen > shur's rev. Once he got to shur's rev he farmed at an insane pace. He had +180 more then the time. The shur's also helped him survive.

    Would shur's be a good idea for sure tho? I want your opinion. It seems good to me.

    and i'm also not sure why the Nasus players in ranked battles always get ninja tabi's. I guess to be more tanky.
    Wait umm newbie question. Which types of runes for effect should I get. Like is it seal of resiliance or glyph etc.

    Probably my last question, sorry.
    Yeah, I can't wait for level 20. I'll probably use those runes you suggested. Thanks.
    Lol great furries think alike.

    Although I think my Warwick has a jungling deficiency due to no runes/ not enough upgrades, lol. I even followed a really good Warwick jungle walkthrough.
    Thanks so much for the advice! It had way more detail then I expected. Nasus is my main as well, i've played him since I first could afford him (i'm only level 13 tho). I am trying warwick though for when nasus is taken. (I don't need advice on warwick, I've been researching heavily)

    The items are good as well. I was wondering what to use to adapt various situations and you basically told me what items help vs what.

    Also great stuff on the Q farming. Thanks a lot! :D
    Yeah man, We go where angels fear to tread (that was my old location, reconsidering putting that up again).
    PIT USES HIS HEAVENLY POWERS TO JUDGE READINESS BROTHER[COLLAPSE="[img]lolololololololololololoolblankpost[/img]"][/COLLAPSE]
    So turns out I close on Friday (as of yesterday).
    So our plan has to go back to "getting everyone on Saturday morning."

    I'm still willing to go to Indy I think so if you can get to or around where Hades is that would be golden
    I'll keep keeping you updated.
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