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  • The Star Fox 64 menu music is one of my favorites. It's soothing, relaxing, and brings back lots of fond memories.

    This Year in 2021:

    The Nintendo Entertainment System will be 36 years old.
    The Game Boy will be 32 years old
    The Super Nintendo Entertainment System will be 30 years old.
    The Nintendo 64 will be 25 years old.
    The Game Boy Color will be 23 years old.
    The Game Boy Advance will be 20 years old.
    The GameCube will be 20 years old.
    The Game Boy Advance SP will be 18 years old (If you have the version released in America it will turn 18 years old next month).
    The Nintendo DS will be 17 years old.
    The Nintendo DS Lite will be 15 years old.
    The Wii will be 15 years old.
    The Nintendo 3DS will be 10 years old.
    The Wii U will be 9 years old.
    The Switch will be 4 years old.

    Time is going by fast.

    The NES, Game Boy, and SNES were a little before my time when they launched. Thankfully, I was able to buy the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition and experience the classic games on those systems. I remember like it was yesterday getting the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, GBA, GameCube, GBA SP, DS, DS Lite, Wii, and 3DS when they all first launched. I also got the Switch as well a few years ago. I played the Wii U before, but never got around to actually owning one.

    Many people from Generation X were young adults while I was a little kid when I got the Nintendo 64, my first Nintendo console. Now my generation, Generation Y, many of us are young adults when I got the Switch a few years ago while many people from Generation Z were little kids.

    Yeah, the feeling is sinking in and it’s like a continuous cycle.
    Me reading this:
    Deleted member
    Woah, I'm as old as the Gameboy Advance.
    Actually, while the NES came out in the States in 1985, the Famicom came out in Japan in 1983 so the NES/Famicom is actually 38 years old instead of 36. The SNES came out in 1991 in the States while the SFC came out in 1990 in Japan so the SNES/SFC is 31 instead of 30. But I do feel old though since a lot of the games I grew up with on the N64 and Gamecube are turning a quarter of a century old or over 20 years old.
    I have seen this a lot on the internet. There are the older generation of gamers who will say that the newer generation of gamers tend to have recency bias and the newer generation of gamers will say that the older generation of gamers tend have nostalgia bias. I think it’s important to objectively look at different sides of the equation and see which games are truly better than what they are given credit for.
    For example in my own case and from my own experience, people tend to get extremely angry for seemingly no reason when I criticize Pokemon by bringing up the facts of how newer monster collector games like Yo-kai Watch have absolutely none of the commonly complained about issues Pokemon games have. They then go on to ignore my other points of how even games like Dragon Quest has been in monster collecting far longer than Pokemon and also doesn't suffer from any of the commonly complained issues Pokemon has. So you would think that both older games and newer games not having the same problems Pokemon constantly does would make is clear that neither nostalgia or recency has anything to do with it.

    Dragon Quest Monsters and Yo-Kai Watch deserve far more credit.
    If I insulted Dragon Quest nearly every time I posted on my status, people would probably get annoyed.
    You don't tho because I imagine you don't like or care about Dragon Quest enough to do that.
    Even if you did, let them be annoyed. It's your profile and you do what you want with it. Not like I tell you to not post BattleBots because it annoys some random loser you're never gonna meet.
    I like Pokemon and care about it.
    When it stops sucking, it'll be harder to criticize it.
    There were some interesting announcements from the recent Nintendo direct, but nothing huge as it pertains to certain series that fans have been waiting for an announcement quite a while for. I am confident we will get a few more directs further down the line months from now, perhaps there will be huge announcements then. I feel we will definitely get a Pokemon direct soon and possibly an update on the new Pokemon Snap game.
    My favorite video game genres are platforming and action adventure. I also enjoy RPG and space games. Sometimes I try other genres like sports and racing when I am in the mood.
    My favorite Nintendo 64 games are Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Ocarina of Time, and the original Super Smash Bros.
    I still can’t believe there’s a new Pokemon Snap game coming for the Switch. To me, Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64 was one of the best Pokemon spin off games and one of my favorites. I am excited!
    I know this website hasn’t been that busy lately, but something like a new E3 announcement ought to refuel things.
    What about a potential Game Awards announcement? Especially if it just so happens to be a big character
    One of the worst websites I ever visited was 4chan. I checked it out before but only to see what was being said about the Smash leaks and certain games I like. It depends on the user, but there’s a bunch of crazy people posting in certain sections, some are probably extremists too (the kind that associate themselves with swastika symbols). I highly recommend avoiding certain websites like this one.
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