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  • Yeah so Dan said you were interested in tagging along to his place tomorrow. Are you? Let me know and maybe PM me your Cell # just in case if you wanna come with. You can help me get there hahaha
    Ya, I hear ya there, no 3 AM MacD's....2 AM maybe XD. When he calls you tell him to call me, we should hopefully be able to squeeze in like 2-3 hours if we want Im sure
    Hey Jack, is Brandon still at the tourny, just got home but I cant contact him. Also you still going 4 the night?
    This guy LFL posted some vids in the Marth critique thread. I think you should try and give him some pointers. =D

    yo jack

    0946 1942 1834 is my brawl FC if you wanna send me that replay. i dunno how this works though, but i think we use brawl FC's, yeah?
    dude, I said I'd be your partner for brawl if you want. I not sure if you saw my message or not.

    I'd rather you say no than just ignore me
    most def. :D It's technically in my sig, just under the picture... so i still have it linked for when i need it. :chuckle:
    "Waza, you're such **** <3"

    haha, i wanted to quote this in my sig, but my pic won't allow for more space. T^T

    Your Marth is still too good. I'm almost scared to face him haha
    We'll need to fight more sometime

    I don't know if Marth will ever be my main, but he'll make a great secondary for me =D
    GG's Jack

    lol I can barely use Marths side b offline let alone online. I need to get that move down before I'm going to be any good with Marth :urg:

    Fun matches though, except the Jiggz vs Ike match >_>

    I've done this before and they're not fun lol
    Not much Jiggz can do against Ike's range and power D=

    I haven't played online in weeks, so don't laugh at me if I suck xD
    Also I'll be using Marth a lot. I hope I do good with him online
    Now you're making me crave it xD
    Thanks to you, these next two years are going to go by even slower :p
    I can only imagine.
    I've never been to a live tourney x_x. I can't wait for these next two years, when i can get my license >.>
    Just as i had thought >.>
    Too many freakin people using the internet at my house...
    If they don't get off soon, we're going to have to reschedule :/
    Alright i ban battlefield, and my counter pick is Yoshi's story. It's legal right?
    Ok! Just a quick pit stop and i'll go online to add you ^^
    Wait... Hold on. I'll brb, i've got to check something first.
    Also, How bout we have our first match on smashville? And what stage do you ban too?
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