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  • Dude...it's been a LONG while since the group has been active. I don't think you'll be joining anytime soon! LOL.
    Doesn't really matter to me. Spice it up for me, would ya? lol.

    Yeah, no problem. I am awesome at interviews. /sarcasm
    So we have a list ready for the Brawl PR, and we want to post it. Shall we still use the thread you made, or would it be better if we (the panelists) made another thread that we could update ourselves?

    so yea just telling you im prob moveing to kamloops a litte sooner then excpected like say the 5 of august lol
    hey man im coming down too kewlona going to the okanogan sun spring camp and i think it would be sweet if i meet u and we smashed
    nice i really only play meele i have no love for brawl cause they butcherd link and my favorite sonic lol i have been playing for like 4 years now and i too love the game alot lol so i cant wait
    Prob the summer and i know smash is big thier so it would be sweet to get in on it
    hmm neat Sliq is better??? huh, i learned more from wathcing vexs! but meh i will have to look up more Sliq then XD
    ty Vex owns!!! O.O i really have to learn that bfoward hop that looks like it owns.....I don't see them ever use bowsers dtilt, neutral a, or dair. they bad moves right?
    Blerg. Snow, snow, snow. Supposed to be 8 cm by the end of today.
    Srry man, can't come. I know you will scream NO JOHNS! when you read this, but seriously. My car...sux. It's so low to the ground that I got stuck getting out of the driveway. >.<

    ...Yeah. Tell me when you come to Van next, k? I still need to c ur linkey.
    Ready for those Linky dittos tmrrw? >=)
    Get ready for some pwnage action yo.

    Unless we get bundles of snow, I will meet ya there. Only Jan. 3rd tho, and only a couple of hours. I'm still in Grade 12, u know. Parents are still pretty protective >.>
    Dynamism! I read your messages today. Sorry I didn't respond to them as quickly as I could since I don't go to Smashboards much anymore and I had some distractions. To fill you in, Play 2 Win has a new site (again LOL). Here's the link: http://z13.invisionfree.com/p2w/index.php?

    Also, it's nice to know you're having fun at tournaments and you'll be on Wi-Fi! Around the end of July, I got AT&T U-Verse and I have an overall better connection with the people I play. It might be orange or hopefully yellow. Anyways, it's going to be fun playing against you since I'm a lot better than I was before in Brawl. However, Brawl has sucked my Melee skills a lot. :laugh: Well, nice to see you back again and check out Play 2 Win! :)
    Í'm glad you used Luigi. You probably should have have used him for the whole set against daltsy instead of switching to marth/jiggs.
    Eh, I've slipped away from brawl a bit now.

    But, I may possibily, maybe, just happen to probably drop by during Christmas holidays to just check out the scene. Since you're so hard on my *** to give me no johns about it. xD
    I have it bookmarked, but its really slow.

    Theres a tourney an hour and a half away on the 31st :/ but I can't make it....

    Also wifi kicks *** xD lol.... With -little- lag it helps you work on your tech-chasing skills by seeing how higher players react to what you do, it allows you to work on AT's (if you can IC CG 0 to death on wifi, its 100000x easier offline. ( I can do 0>230% onlline, and then I tried offline and I can do 0>560%~ on most of the cast (except ROB >.<)

    Wifi's lag just takes a little getting used to, and I only lag -slightly- with people from a different continent normally xD if we lag to much, I don't play.
    Palmdale/Lancaster California, I hear there is a good scene but I'm blind and can't find anyone D:... anyone!!!!

    I just dropped by at two locals at houses that I heard of thanks to friends. Guaranteed pot + extra if more then 20 people came. Free money is great :) but I like having a challenge offline; my only challenges are online and half of the challenge is button delay and lag.... lol
    LMAO I love Ike <3 hes so overpowered

    worst char is MK. seriously now. xD

    anyways... yah... free $40 & $50 was nice :)

    Not sure if my mother would let me host one :3 or how I would go about doing so...... yah .....
    I love Ike. :) his AA> Jab Cancel > AAA racks up -tons- of damage, and when they get used to it you can mindgame a AA>jab cancel>Ftilt/fsmash ^_^

    Ike is hard to punish if you use his nair/fair correctly, rolling doesn't work, and the reach is broken...

    Nah, I've gone to 2 tourneys, about 16-20 people, placed first in both, but no 'good' people really :/ 2 people knew what DI was, and about 4-5 knew what a chaingrab was..... very easy wins...

    and Random is just too good <3 they go "WTF random?" and "how do I counterpick this guy? :o"

    yah... randoms broken, I think it picks the character thats used the least on that memory :/ (I -never- play as weegee, and since I've used random I got him 6 times in a row)
    xD I just can't relate Sonic or Falcon to any other playstyle. (Like I can with Lucas is similiar to Olimar, Snake is similiar to Ganon (situational fsmash, mostly tilts) etc.

    :3 but I'm working on it... .(also random seems to love weegee for me xD)
    My Falcon makes Ganon laugh at me :( "haha! I use your moveset better then you do!" xD

    It's not just random's learning curve, because honestly its every character ^^; its Sonic and Falcon.... Their learning curves to actually play as a semi-pro with them is immense >.< and I find myself only being able to win with them against unskilled opponents.

    And thanks for the offered help :) but I prefer to learn my characters myself to give it a different style then the majority.

    Such as my Olimar, I use only 2 pikmin (aka: First ever Duomin), and I win often, just because half of my opponents go "wtf is he doing with only 2?" and end up being mindgamed an entire match.
    Haha, thanks :)

    The fact I use all but a select few (ROB/Sonic/Falcon) (and I'm working on ROB at the moment) means Random is perfect for me.

    Unable to counterpick characters, or stages against me ^_^ works great. (but god**** that learning curve Sonic and Falcon have :/)
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