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  • It's all good. xD

    I just wanted a bit of practice. ; 3; I've been getting a lot better at Brawl now and in the past wifi tourneys I played in (On Gaiaonline. xD) I've been getting 3rd place and on our PRs I'm fifth. (But only for Gaia. xD)
    Basically anytime of the day. The earliest being 9AM. xD

    Just remember to call or text me whenever you want to hangout and stuff.

    I'll have to check my schedule, but I think I will be free seeing as they love to give me weekends to work. >:C
    Congrats on the tournament! :D

    I'm free this Friday, if you want you can come over and play a few matches. Since, I once again have no one to play. (Kaden left. >; )

    I'm gonna see if I can pick up Marth and Jiggs. 'Cause I mess up too much with Mewtwo. :/
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