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Recent content by Karinole

  1. Karinole

    Smash 4 Power Rankings Directory Project

    Ohio's PR is out of date. This is our new one 0. Grandshad (Gouken) 1. Darkshad :4ryu: 2. Katakiri :4feroy::4mewtwo::4corrin: 3. H-MAN :4samus: 4. Colinies :4fox: 5. Crazycolorz5 :rosalina::4palutena: 6. Munenori :4diddy::4mario: 7. Tekno :4sheik::4rob: 8. Karinole :rosalina::4bayonetta2: 9...
  2. Karinole

    Why do I try?

    Why do I try?
  3. Karinole

    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    What anti showed at final round is that the ZSS nerfs barely matter.
  4. Karinole

    Bayo's really ruining my fun with the game atm...

    Like, I don't wanna say get the cause that's rude and lazy. Instead, I'll just tell you that before you complain about your inability to deal with this character, try playing more against them or lab with them to see what works and what doesn't. Telling us how much you dislike her gameplay gets...
  5. Karinole

    Corrin Stage Discussion Thread

    Yeah, from my experience in tournament with lylat, it's actually a very good stage for corrin. The tilt only messes up DL when facing down and it becomes easier to do instantly when facing up. The platform layout is very useful for corrin to shark under and you can pin onto them off a short hop.
  6. Karinole

    Working on that cauldron

    Working on that cauldron
  7. Karinole

    She isn't very good...

    I mean, like...cool opinion?
  8. Karinole

    Bayonetta vs Corrin matchup?

    Way too early to be discussing matchups.
  9. Karinole

    Q&A Gameplay Q&A and General Discussion Thread

    Yeah discovered this last night. I found the best way to consistently execute it is to slide your thumb over the b and a buttons as soon as you can.
  10. Karinole

    Why will you be maining Bayonetta?

    Cause bayonetta is a good game.
  11. Karinole

    They missed an opportunity with her Nintendo costumes

    Yeah, it'd be sweet if for the Jeanne color they actually made it Jeanne like olimar/alph. Oh well still cool
  12. Karinole

    Data Great Fox Hangar: Ace Pilot List

    Yeah, I should definitely not be listed as a flying ace. Almost all of my tournament placings from the game's release have been with solo-rosalina. My falco is a legacy from melee/an inside joke among my local scene. The only thing you'll learn from looking up my falco is how to trash talk :p
  13. Karinole

    What alt(s) will you use for Corrin?

    Black female corrin because I'm basic af
  14. Karinole

    What alt(s) do you use for Bayonetta?

    Original Bayo 1 default all day! Mainly for the sweet red color of her attacks and because I like Scarborough Fair more.
  15. Karinole

    So who here will be try to main Corrin when he comes out?

    Love fire emblem so it's kind of a no brainer for me
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