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Recent content by Just Sexed

  1. Just Sexed

    The Long Island Smash Thread: Billy Joel and Wings Over

    I haven't been to a tournament since 2010.....631...... Long island people who plays project M around here?
  2. Just Sexed

    [Apr 19, 2014] No Johns Monthly! April 19th!! Project M ! (Nanuet, NY)

    Ill be here Saturday its gonna be my first tourney since September...should be interesting to see how I do lmao
  3. Just Sexed

    NO JOHNS - 5/14/2011 - Results Thread Nanuet NY - (Forward Jman PC Chris!)

    Good **** twebb I wanna see top 8 next time bro.
  4. Just Sexed

    The New Long Island Smash Thread

    Lol ryan always has the best avatars..
  5. Just Sexed

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    juggling/techasing= onstage key perfect edgeguarding= offstage key
  6. Just Sexed

    LI challanges Upstate

    Im down to rep LI
  7. Just Sexed

    four stocked

    That about sums up how the captain falcon v sheik match up should be played lmao.
  8. Just Sexed

    History of a Smasher

    Posting in an epic thread....gotta see this next part :O
  9. Just Sexed

    Hall of Gaming #2 Results - 11/13, Wallingford, CT

    Interesting results. I take it Swift went fox vs thorn......was it hype?
  10. Just Sexed

    TFS: Just when I thought I was out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN. **** Melee

    Wtf otg who's gunna troll me when I get ***** by some noob. Jona friendlies at ROM son?... I almost beat Hax last week gotta see if my falcon game is better.
  11. Just Sexed

    TFS [scientology] presents DI-Anetics Results (11/6/10)

    Amazing tournament prog. Glad I got to play pretty much everyone there. I hope to see tri-state place mad well at ROM :)
  12. Just Sexed

    Revival of Melee 3! WC coming strong!

    Oh word F8 making a tourney appearance. We should play some friendlies/MM.
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