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  • I saw your post on the Mii thread and sad to hear about them messing over your character. Maybe we can play some Mii friendlies sometime after EVO? My NNID is Geek4Jesus
    Made a account on here to find new Smash bros friends and then remembered that you have an account here lol. Hi buddy :p
    Hello... I heard that you were a good Mii Brawler, and wanted to ask something. Could you help with the R.O.B and Brawler MU? While we've had one very detailed post about the options both of them have in this fight, a Brawler hasn't come to confirm if it's accurate or give their thoughts on it yet.
    Could you help us with this?
    Hey, can I get an invite to the Mii Brawler Skype group? I'm just starting to learn him :) Skype name is Smilesocks
    Mii Brawler Senpai! Thanks for your videos and tournament plays bruh. Because of your plays I found my main. Mii Brawler Master Race. :D
    APEX rules have been updated now, still says only 1111 Miis...
    thanks for notifying me on that, I'll ask them whats up, it should have been changed.
    theres a tourney happening tomorrow here where i live and i have been trying to convince them to use the 2222 y 3333 rules, i showed them the thread on facebook and all and they agreed but thing is like RWB said it hasnt been updated yet...is it just staying 1111 or are they changing it later? :(
    Thanks for the reply. I also have another question. Do you like how the new game plays in the air? I know it might be too early to judge, but I'm trying to find some opinions on it.

    Not trying to ask too much, but what do you think about the defensive play/ offensive play? Do you think it's balanced or do you think it leans toward defensive more?
    That moment when 2 equally good posts on a thread directly compete in terms of likes.

    If you look at the Japanese Smash commercial thread, we're head to head in that regard, lol.

    Not that it matters, but still amusing, lol.
    Are you the same person who made the advanced tips and tricks for Brawl on YouTube?
    Yes I have the same name here as my youtube account.
    I thought so. I really enjoyed that, and I'm trying to put those to good use. Where's part 2, though?
    It was never created. Never got around to making it and I don't plan on making one anytime soon. Besides Smash 4 is coming out theres no need for it.
    looking at your avi I have to wonder how jiggs is holding that microphone(?)?
    It looks like it fused with her arm/hand.
    Giving you a personal shoutout for 2 stocking M2K with a low tier.

    Good stuff, man!
    You still never paid me for the hotel room... xD understandable if it was because I left early though

    Next time we meet you better pay me lol
    I'm so happy you're going back to Jigglypuff =)

    I'll use her for Ice Climbers (To time out) if I run into one. However my main is now Kirby.
    if i dont team with my friend a diddy main we should like that time we took first at gamingworld lmao
    Hey dude, are you planning on going to Inui's tourney this weekend. You may not know it but imma fan of you cause you kick arse and get people angry when you do, lol!!
    I agree with Dekuu. I can't stop laughing!

    Like it's going

    "heheheheheh" *pfwfffff*

    Where did you get it?
    You need to take a look at the 'Best of the Best Music' thread, you'll find a distastful surprise.

    Why didn't I make your comment about fanboy voting more popular?!? Such a pity.
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