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  • In order to avoid hurting your feelings since youre one of the few people on this site that I care about, I will respond.

    But I am doing terrible... Life has done nothing but torture me... I am going absolutly insane... Why should others deserve to be happy? So blissful, so happy, so unaware...
    I'm not to big on games where you have to grind a lot unless I just want to calm down if I've had a stressful day or something like that.
    I've never played LoL or Maplestory. I heard from a friend that you always want to play LoL with a real life friend or someone you meet on like Reddit or some forum site cause apparently playing LoL with random people is not very fun cause of players raging at each other, I don't know how true that is. I don't really know anything about Maplestory.
    What games have you been playing resently? I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2. It's pretty fun. I have not played that many MMOs but I really like this one.
    Yeah I'm trying not to get too excited cause remember how a lot of people were disappointed with Brawl when it came out? I don't want to overhype it and it ending up not being so great.
    I don't think smash 4 will effect Melee too much. Brawl obviously has not replaced melee by any stretch of the imagination so I don't see smash 4 replacing it either. Brawl on the other hand I expect to see a massive drop in players when smash 4 comes out, but that probable cause I'm heavily bias against competitive Brawl.
    I haven't even made it to one local smash fest since I've joined this site so making it to a national tournament is a bit out of the question for me. I can't really go to anything local right now cause of transportation, money ,etc. but I fully intend on becoming a active member and defiantly contributing to help grow the community.
    Hey Jasou, what's up? It's been a while since we've spoken to each other.
    Thats good to hear. Mine was pretty good and enjoying. I agree Turkey is good. But to me, I don't really like it excessively, its just one of those kinds of foods to me.
    /*curse you leftover turkey*
    It's about a witches house that tries to kill you and you have to get to the witches room and then out to win. You read parts of the witches diary throughout the game and there is a huge plot twist at the end. There are hundreds of ways to die in that game. Lots of jump scares, eerie music, traps, and puzzles.
    Well that's good, I'm glad everything went well. :3

    Oh and dude, there's this game called the witches house, it's scary as hell even though it's a pixel game... and now I'm afraid of being in the dark by myself lol. The ending of the game was so sad though. ;w;
    *surprise tight hugz* ^w^

    Hey dude I be missing you. So how have you been? :3

    Also have ya ever been to a big tournament before? Apex is really close to where I live and I might consider going.

    Edit: omg I just found a super adorable pic on FA while searching through random profiles... I think you'd leik it. (Can't send atm tho lol)
    Now you see, you play with lag regardless of whoever it is on your team >;3

    See, Luis has to fill his special needs. If those special needs aren't met, he will surely sunder... And with that explosion of ash and unfilled desire, YOUR HOME.

    You are now under his wrath, I can not control it. DARK LUIS RISES!
    Uff, I did... My head was hurting horribly and I kept trying to tell Zero I was tired and wanted you guys to play w/o out me for sure. Did you end up playing at least?
    I've been kewl. Homework all day every day, but it's easy enough. Been playing mh and doing speed runs against Jho.

    Bored as hell and nothing to do otherwise. ;w;
    good work, you're doing the title thing exactly right! keep it up man

    and look forward to apex =)
    I found competitive smash while I was just watching videos on YouTube. That back when I was a Brawl fanboy, lol. I can't believe I use to be like that.
    I live too far away from the rest of the community to ride a bike there.

    My younger sister has played Melee with me a little bit but she has not really gotten into it. I also have a younger brother but he gets too frustrated and does not have the patience to play a game competitively like Melee.
    I was stuck at home during the summer.

    I really want to start going o tournaments and get good at Melee. I have a car and liscence first though :/
    I've been alright, I'm just so pro at monster hunter I feel like a gawd.

    And how about yourself?
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