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  • My summer was not too exciting actually. I'm usually really quite at school but I've been trying to be more outgoing.
    Ah it's mainly just because I missed a couple classes after taking that trip, so it was a little higher than normal :p That's good that you are liking your class :) Do you plan on majoring in Physics and all that, too?

    And haha aw :) ty. And yes! It's making me in a better mood than I have been
    *pokes back* Hiya! :)
    Been really busy actually, just had to do lots of math today and I am really bad at it :/ Not really finding the same motivation to use the computer all that much anymore, as well. Overall though, not too bad. Sorry it took a bit to respond :S Kept getting distracted.

    What have you been up to lately? :p
    Ramen tastes pretty good. It's funny I'm not even a weeaboo but I can make sushi like legit all from scratch, funny how that works. :D
    That's what I would read it as in my head, but was just wondering if you were a weeaboo who would be all like "ou is pronounced o, oh hey why did we even put the u there then?"
    And yes, every time we visit I wish we could stay, I love it there.

    And aw :( don't feel down for too long I hope. If you want to talk to anyone about anything, I can certainly try to help. I'm glad you like your schedule, and good luck with your math :) it's definitely not one of my best subjects :/

    How has your smash club been doing by the way?
    Hiii (hug)
    Not a whole lot :s classes started up again, so I am mostly occupied with that, which imo hasn't really been a bad thing since it's cured some boredom. Getting ready to go to California next weekend+that week which I have been really wanting to do for a while now. And other than that I've been trying to find a car, lol. Not that exciting :D

    How have things been with you? Has school started yet? :p
    My name is iTakeshi. I main Cyber Medic. I also had a fanfic about LS with Cyber Medic and Lightning Mage as protangnist and best friends! XD;
    Maybe our meeting wasn't a coincidence afterall...
    Yeah, that why I will be trying to get the cheapest car I can find, but of course it will still need be reliable transportation.
    I want to get mine as soon as possible so when I get a car, I can start driving.
    Yeah videogame design looks awesome XD
    I want to major in software design, I may be a videogame programmer, lol.

    All I have right now is my learner's permit and I've only done a little bit of driving. I have a bike but I can't go anywhere with it cause most places are too far away to get there with a bike.
    Ok, thanks.

    I have not really gotten in to the competitive seen yet but only because I don't have any reliable transpiration. I live about an hour away from the other Tennessee smashers. I'll be a lot more active in the community once I get a drivers license and a car.
    I don't have an SD card yet so I can't download it.

    Getting my wisdom teeth removed was not fun at all. Making up all that work was proable the worst though.

    You have a smash club at school? That sounds awesome.
    I have not gotten to actually play PM yet but it looks like a lot of fun.

    Yeah making up school work sucks. Last year I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I was out for over a week and I had discover that I had dry sockets when I tryed to swish salt water around in my mouth to make it heal faster. I starting spitting out blood, it was proably the worst pain I'd ever been in. Making up all that work when I got back was awful.
    I been watching a little bit of Project M but not doing much else.

    I hate making up work from school. I almost never miss it for that reason alone lol.
    Yeah, that's a shame but I guess that's life. I'm glad he's taking a break from it for his passions, though.
    I love tennis, I want to be a professional tennis player in the future so I'm working hard on it :p

    I've done a little bit of League here and there but nobody in the skype wants to play when I can :X lol
    Mostly playing Starcraft, along with Tennis irl.


    Yess o u o
    Loving the Chrono Phantasma design. I was about to start sewing her other dress....
    but man new outfit is 2cute <3

    Excited for the new Chrono Phantasma charas???
    Life has been okay, it's for sure better when I am not doing things involving a computer lol. I actually just went on a trip to Arkansas to visit my brother about a week ago, and I definitely loved it there more than I do here, so green. Classes are about to start up again, and I'm also about to visit San Diego in September which I'm definitely looking forward to. What about you?
    *pokes back* Hiya! :) I hope everything's been well for you lately
    And you are definitely correct there lol, goodnight :3
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