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  • as long as they come out with one. i also picked up a megaman game from gamestop the other day and it's alot of fun!
    i just figured out luigi's mansion 2 comes out in 2012, that's a bumber considering that that's when the world is gonna end. :awesome:
    Life is pretty good atm :) Mostly the daily grind of being lazy mixed with class mixed with homework. How uneventful~ :rolleyes: And yay King :bee: Good! Also I am glad you got him to join, should be fun for you
    Haha, it's a complicated story. Pretty much I just wanted a unique name I guess :p And some recent events made me change it, so yeaha. It might change back someday :)
    Haha, good choice, Tiger is funny. I don't think you're far enough to really get into a whole bunch of the future main character's, from where you've said you were you are just getting introduced. My personal favorite is :hpfox: though, but wait till you meet King. He's the one on my youtube picture :p
    Op my bad, didn't realize you posted on your wall :p
    That's great :bee:, got a fav character yet?
    yes i did, i'm on part 17 iidr plan to probably read it again next weekend
    Math tests pretty much suck :/ wish you luck.
    I'm doing okay :bee: just bored with classes and such.
    Did you read the comic any? :p
    Yeah, I got her right away, and I probably use her more than anyone else on this site. If you want her though, there a few a few things you should know before spending your points. I could go on forever about her, but I'll just give you a short, simplified version:

    1. Riven is an early game character, but she has no late game unless you are fed. You absolutely have to be scoring kills to do good late game, or she quickly begins to fade away around level 7.
    2. Riven has no AP or Mana. Her skills are scaled off her AD and any AP is wasted on her as she doesnt use it at all. She also runs without mana nor energy, so is solely cool down based. This comes as both an advantage and a disadvantage, as you can concentrate more on stats that matter like AD and Speed, but it makes you easy to counter as you have no way to get around AD Tanks.
    3. Abuse her passive. Every time you use a skill, use an auto attack before activating another skill. So if you want to use your whole Q combo, go Q > AA > Q > AA > Q > AA instead of just Q > Q > Q, otherwise your bonus damage is wasted. Remember that this passive also works on her E, so when you throw up your shield you're also getting that buff.
    4. Riven can only fight in groups when the enemies are bunched up, if they spread out, she's screwed. She can get in fast, but that forces her to leave slow, and she can only burst a small area, meaning you leave yourself very open if they arent grouped up.
    5. Riven is very frail and squishy and she cant win 1 on 1 with most other fighters. She fights by running around and staying mobile, then hopping in for a bit of burst damage here and there, then hopping back out trying to poke and prod while the rest of your team tries to separate and wall the opponents.
    6. Riven has a HUGE weakness to any type of CC, she is out bursted late game by most AD champs, she lacks any good sustain, and she absolutely needs to be fed in order to in order to be any type of threat in long games.

    So yeah, if that appeals to you, I'd highly recommend her, just be known that you have to be VERY aware with her and you cant play her well on autopilot.
    Pretty good, busy with class stuff, hosting a MKW tournament on Sunday, and such.
    You ever consider getting MKW again? :p
    Aww, no getting sick :( That's not fun
    And yay for extended weekends :) Usually just warrants for extra sleep for me :p
    Sup Jason :p
    Life's been pretty good! Classes started up again, so it's at least been giving me something to occupy my time with. Looking forward to the semester being over though so I can at least be one step closer to moving up north. How have things with you been? Also, thanks :bee: I like it as well.
    Lol sorry, sometimes I'm rather slow at returning VM's ;_;
    That's funny :p I never really thought about what "type" I was haha.
    Haha heya :p Congrats on joining the groups!
    And I am no good at guessing games unfortunately ;(
    Would it be Jason?
    Yup, Fredrick too good.
    I have the PS3 version, and I know what you mean with the bgm.
    I also took a similar break from it (and my Cross Edge True Ending playthrough), might get back both of them eventually.
    Lol I actually thought of the fat part of it because of a friend of mine who mained Falco. It was when we were playing Pokemon rev he used to always have Honchkrow on his team (he had a all dark team) and used to (playfully, not maliciously) tease him by calling his Honchkrow a fat bird because of its appearance and the fact it survived alota stuff that shoulda killed it. xD
    Dude, you love Crash Bandocoot as well? I LOVE it as well, at least the early ones that is, in particular the 2nd one, it's so awesome.
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