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#HBC | marshy
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  • Yo join Gheb's game. HBC + Guranteed Guns = so much hardbody
    #HBC | marshy
    #HBC | marshy
    hey zenny when i heard i missed out on ghebs guaranteed guns bim game i was like

    aw shoot
    you stinka
    You ever stop to think like.. thank based god we're so much more awesome then literally everyone else on this damn site... planet?
    I can be a replacement for swagvile so long as BIM doesn't start, which it shouldn't any time soon.
    Yo, how much would it cost to ship GC controllers from Japan to the U.S.? I want to get me some Emerald Green controllers, but they're crazy expensive on US ebay/amazon and apparently they're pretty cheap in Japan.

    Also, would it be possible for you to send them over here if I sent you the funds? Amazon.JP is being whack about international shipping and it's sold out on most international retail sites.
    yo my collapse tags won't work or they duplicate for some whack reason help me out
    #HBC | marshy
    #HBC | marshy
    blah blah

    that aint work?
    #HBC | ѕoup
    #HBC | ѕoup
    it works but like instead of just one it repeats it i dunno use your mod powers to fix the OP and see if you got the same issue
    As we advance on Friday, next year will be released animated sequel Mushishi or Detroit Metal City. After our interview today with FicZone Chihiro Okamoto in 2012, producing in the studio Artland, it appears that the series will Mushishi enjoying a continuation.

    According to Okamoto, Hiroshi Nagahama anime direct a study to be released, likely in the fall or winter of next year, although it could be delayed. In this new project will also participate Umakoshi Yoshihiko, who has worked as a character designer Mushishi. His involvement in both series leads us to believe that Mushishi will be chosen.
    Mate I've turned into the biggest lurker >_> I end up reading all the Dgames. I'll post more eventually

    I hope the ninja/samurai skills are preparing you for this. 2013 sounds like a scary year
    all I want for christmas is for this thread to properly complete itself, as Coolio would have wanted it, before I get back from vaca

    I figured it would be the perfect time for you to make like your first BRoom post ever since you're one of the few cool enough **** to get whassup
    Marsh? I've been waiting for you to post on my wall for the longest time. Finally it's blessed by 3rd degree swag. WELL DONE! How's Okinawa?
    you watch those movies bro?

    fyi gonna be workin on papers for the next several hours but I wouldn't object to you signing on AIM and leaving me a bunch of away messages about em if you did
    Episode 9 would be weeaboo because of the really nice, cute resolution and cute=weeaboo, right?

    Like, I remember in Skies mafia when I asked you were your avatar was from you said that it was from Monster, and then proceeded to say how different it was from any weeaboo anime.

    I never thought of
    Roberto vs. Lunge
    that way. I just thought that it was a very well made, logical fight, but that point of how it's different than other works of fiction is fair I guess.

    Btw, very off topic, but I've been wondering, why do you live in Japan now anyways?
    Err just getting back to this conversation, but I have to say that I'm honestly surprised that episode 9 was one of your favorite moments. That's actually one of my favorite episodes to, but I thought that you would think that it was too weeaboo or something.

    That ending though were the little girl smiles to the solider was super cute.

    My favorite moments:
    Episode 9, as mention above.

    Johna revealed to be Nina in disguise.

    Johan appearing at the end of the episode "Thursday's boy" (don't remember which episode number that was) and introducing himself to Karel. This was after he was largely absent from the show until that point, and when I saw him I just **** bricks.

    Episode 18 (I think? Episode is called "Five Sugars") where that super nice old man was revealed to be an ex-assiassian. Boring episode otherwise, but the ending was striking.

    Everything in the ending.

    The face Johan made at the end when he told Tenma to shoot him was perfect.

    That's all that I can think of for now.
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