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#HBC | Dancer
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  • I can finally vm you now instead of sending you pms for every little thing
    #HBC | Dancer
    #HBC | Dancer
    Also didn't know that you were trying to friend me until I tried to lurk your conversation with Swiss. =3
    which conversation was that? the giant one on my wall? that spans like two years
    I think you're getting hooked to much on the term "brainwashing" and the fact that I singled out America. I could have used a different word for it and a different place but then nobody would have cared to argue it which is kind of the point of a discussion. I didn't mean it in a condescending way but if that's the way peopler perceive it it's their business - unless you can objectively tell me that I directly said something condescending I don't see how it's true though.

    My parents never taught me obedience. Why would they? They raised me to become an intelligent, self-conscious individual not somebody who repeats phrases because he is asked to.

    eh. the pleasant ending comes after badass training scenes and the soldiers backstory where he did some pretty nonweeaboo things like killing *****es. its also a believable story whose attempt at being cute didnt make my stomach turn by its ridiculousness unlike most anime which use weird facial expressions and mannerisms to convey emotion

    im in japan cuz im a marine and am stationed here
    im not sure how episode 9 was weeaboo

    roberto vs lunge
    wasnt on there. that scene strikes me as possibly the only time ive read/watched a piece of fiction where the good guy comes out on top at the last minute through sheer willpower in a believable way as opposed to some deus ex machina

    this thread gave me the idea. i had (and still am) tight with medi so i gave his list a try and watched monster. heh i had actually stopped watching at episode 22ish for dragging and came back to the series half a year later. the pace had picked up about half a year later so i flew through it then

    favorite moments:

    - tenma trains with the soldier and befriends the young girl in the woods

    - roberto vs lunge (best fight scene ever)

    - johan is nina

    - everything in the final arc

    im sure im missing plenty of awesome parts
    shame monster doesnt have a bigger fanbase. its one of my favorites. i even bought the boxset but they discontinued it due to low sales. i remember them airing it on syfy for a bit but that doesnt seem like a great audience for the show. wouldve liked to see it on adult swim ideally

    weeellll would you like me to be a player? I didn't really think about it before, but I probably would like to play. But I already started thinking of some pretty cool ideas too >.<

    uh let me flip a coin

    The coin says host
    heheh. im assuming this revelation involved a wig (this is going to read so weird to people without context)?
    So just plain beer? Sometimes when you mix things together you can get good things or just like get really ****ty options. Makes for good games imo.

    Wow that sounds evil yet fun. Most I played in terms of games are Beer Pong (surprisingly good at it...well the more you drink, the better you get at the game), but beer is meh. Not that good.

    I like #10 and sounds like fun but I've never done those games with cards before. Something to try later in life than.
    Depends on what you are having. Drinking games are a lot of fun in general.

    And I just realized but you are 4 years older than me....wow haha
    Really? Idk, I just like the one you have a lot.

    Critics are necessary for getting people to come and see shows if you get a good review. I mean, everyone is a critic in their own nature, but professional critics hold a lot of ground for their opinion. I mean, lately I have been finding that critics have been right on some shows/plays/movies I have seen lately and others I feel myself feeling the exact opposit of them. I don't like critics who hold themselves higher than the show because shows put a lot of time and money into their productions. Some critics though, have earned the right to that air of superiority because of the fact they have been in the field, knows what goes on, or have participated in that field. I mean it's all dependent on the critic.

    I mean, I guess that's my full opinion on it. ;P
    Hey Swords, if you ever wanna talk on Skype again my new skype is theatreduder

    The one I was on last night because I was talking to someone from the past. ;P
    welll I haven't played in BIM but I did host one which you got play in.....

    Haha it's no prob at all Swords, trust me I have gotten alot randomer stuff at this hour. xD
    Lmao I know that pain almost too damn well.

    Sucks don't it? Ah wellz you will finish hopefully. Just don't fall asleep! =D
    Spring break and I can't sleep. ;_;

    Lol random VM is random Swords. better question is why are you still awake?
    Haha yeah, but then Kuz came in and I couldn't talk, so I just said it here.

    Yeah, it's ok. I encourage people to point my faults so I can improve as a player. It's very fun. And yeah it probably was.


    Ah I see, it is getting smaller sadly.

    Yeah I know, I remember it closed down after that dude stole the wii.

    Yesh, she does. : D
    Hey you asked! :p

    Well, generally, I would have had a hard time choosing. You probably didn't push hard, but in Kev's case, I'd probably just attack him. So you could have been lucky. (it was a good idea to keep him alive that far in)

    Seriously... he ignored smarg for the first day and it all seemed like something he could have planned. Cmon, I was kinda right in my case right? xD (or wrong)


    Yes, still play doc.

    And thanks man. I am hosting my next tourny in april haha. It's just that the melee scene here is dying, gotta do something.

    Hmmm, I dunno. Sometime. I'll let you know. It'd have to be a big event of course, lol. That way I can make sure I meet you and others again. (unlike a random inets or something)
    Yo. You prolly couldn't get me and July on your side. If you pushed harder and did the cases we could have.

    Your problem lies within you thinking scum is homework. Maybe it goes against your morals, lol. You did fine. Just remember to pretend to be town.
    Forgot to respond to this so sorry for the late response.

    Haha I used to be Jbandit but everyone called me J cuz for one it was simpler to say and two there were alot of people had a similar name to my original.

    Plus it has something to do with my real name as well =p


    *Looks around*


    Pity there's no good games coming up soon, eh?
    What spare time? D:

    I'm too busy coasting to LyLo to do anything else. Who needs a job when you can be unemployed like me :3

    Btw are you inninng Gboy's Youtube mafia? I might end up in it if you're lucky ^_^
    I was more of referencing your not-knowing-visitor-wall-was-for-convos than the tvtropes part. :p

    It's a shiny Zangoose (which is a Pokemon).
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