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#HBC | marshy
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  • readin' the first ever green arrow miniseries

    'snot bad, Count Vertigo is a mother****er
    We should just force people to watch it. The only thing that keeps people from watching probably is the 74 episode span of it. Also it is kinda slow to start off, but once you get up to like episode 12 it turns into an "episode turner," and at times you find yourself regretting that it's like 4am in the mourning and you have stuff to do that day.

    How did you get into the series yourself, Marshy?
    and damn that's great i was just gonna find a white rag and hand make it with some magic marker then find my classiest suit and fedora and go off to terrorize the kids and get some sweet candy in the process
    Yessss. I totally lost when I saw it.

    Before getting to this episode, I read the role PMs to Monster mafia (not the flavors though, I don't want anything spoiled). I didn't quite get why the mod gave Johan the ability to appear as Anna, but not I (unfortunately) get it.
    Damn. Well I gave up too since it keeps crashing my comp.

    Next best thing, LoL or Minecraft. Let me know if you get into either.
    Lol it just came to me (saw some dude say it on youtube) and thought it was funny.

    Unless you have a better idea
    yo, we should hydra soon as unparalleled whackness. either in taco bell or the next small
    Because of you, I'm watching Monster. The show's too good, and I'm wasting time watching it when I should be doing productive things, like looking for a job or studying. You shouldn't have recommended it. :(
    The new SSX is great. It's not like SSX 3 or Tricky but it's still really good and a HUGE improvement from Blur. Don't even try Blur, it's dog****. The soundtrack is decent too but you've got some really obnoxious dubstep soundtracks here and there but a good thing is that you can Import SSX 3 songs or just turn off all the dubstep.

    Also I feel you about the scope thing you were talking about, SSX 3's open mountain is great and I loved it, the sense of exploration and so much **** to do, new SSX doesn't have that and it's more mission based but that doesn't mean it still isn't good.

    Man, from a distance, it looks like he's about to molest something.

    I'm huge fan of this avatar, though, so i'll probably keep it. Thanks anyways.
    in vandy's game or hydra with me if you are off hiatus. I might take a break afterwards since I'll be hosting a game of my own afterwords. Also tell me how far in the que you are so I know to save myself for your setup I promise I'll be active as **** and will put ALLLL MY ALL into it. So yeah

    I just wanna have a town bro. Can't live without my town bros

    I'd love to hydra but honestly, I have no time for mafia these days. I was pretty inactive during the end of AllStars because I'm moving out and I'm starting to get some heavy workload from sept1st onwards.

    I'm pretty much gonna take a break. I'll finish whatever I was doing with uguu though.
    I checked the green room. ^^

    Haha wow that is a funny dilemma. Most I have ever gotten is people telling me to speak in a british accent cuz I'm from England.
    Pauly D is actually my favorite person from that show to be honest haha. That would have been sweet.

    Fist pumping erry day.
    Haha alright then man, just let me know whenever you want to. I'm done solo but if you want to hydra, I'll be sure to give comments and the like.

    Jersey Shore hydra would be funny because I could totally see that going insane.
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