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  • "Thanx but Greenstreet sent me one right before ur message"
    thats what he said, ya "Thanx" alot.....
    HELL NO!
    You dont take my request buddy!
    That was pretty mean........

    *goes to cry in a corner*

    I LOVE the wombat avatar, it's soooooooo cute. I love mobats and tree kangaroos:bee:
    I just came to say congratulations on becoming a smash debater! :')
    Hey, you should really consider changing your links to posts instead of thread pages, to accomodate for people who don't have the 15-per-page setup.

    1) copy this link:
    2) go to the post you want to link to, and either mouseover or click the 'quote' button and look for the post number.
    If you quote, it looks like this:
    [ QUOTE=name here;1337123 ]
    3) replace the first number with the number in the quote.

    yo, greenstreet. just saying hey. and good work helping clean up the boards.
    It's kinda like spam, because it doesn't contribute positively to discussions 9.9;;
    You should like, personally report bad contributions from KASR2 in your thread. lol
    oh yeah, I forgot about that one.

    If I lose, I'm teaching him the terms and I'm quitting Sonic boards.

    and deleting all the useful information I have.

    I won't say anything beforehand. Hopefully he'll realize just how far behind he is and just stop trying to insert himself into things that require a bit more experience.

    second case is that he'll try a different character, I'll sandbag, lose, and tell him he's better with the other character and switch mains.

    and third case is that I'll coach him into being less stupid.

    case 3 will only happen if he has some semblance of skill and has a chat.
    case 2 will probably happen if he absolutely sucks
    case 1 will most likely happen.
    And also can we bring Cat back? I've been looking around and it seems that Boxob and Cat where playing this 'game' to see who could be the most /s/. If Boxob is back can we bring him back too?

    The reason why I don't visit the other boards as often is because they seem kind of dead and I think the same thing will happen here. Sure we got spam, but at least the activity kept us productive. I fear the worst... :(
    My gosh, it's like a bomb hit. And yes, I will edit that thread abit.

    One question though, banned accounts can come back online?
    ankoku gave me the link to his personal domain where he has his ranking information

    ill tell you where sonic is if you are interested, but i can't give you the link
    I laughed, because when I added you, your avatar went from being dim and greyed out, to bright. So it looked like your light bulb avatar turned on, lolll.
    Yeah, I'll definitely be there.

    You can teach me how to play Sonic. lol.
    Photoshop CS3.

    I totally forgot that you were looking for someone to help with posters.

    I can make one up for you. Sorry, I was going to do something, but I didn't have photoshop installed at the time >.<
    Greenstreet, can you update the Sonic match-up thread's title to "#7 - Fox" asap please? We need to restore some order to the Sonic boards because it's been nothing but spam for a while.
    You don't have to worry about links and the chart and things, I've got them updated on post #3.
    Not to undermine you or anything, I just appreciate that you're busy.
    Thanks mate.
    Sure, sounds good. I might not have long though.

    edit: ****, I'm two hours late! Pity I didn't see your message sooner :(
    Hey my name is DK2 I just wondering can we have a ditto match because I want to test my Sonic skills out.
    thats good to hear :)

    They were really great matches, even though we both made some pretty silly mistakes (my instant suicide at the end was genius).

    Those matches where I went random were great fun. The sonic ditto in the beginning was a pretty cool coincidence.

    I'll play you again for sure.
    Im good to go. I'll go make a room.

    I'll probably be going random most of the time. It's fun stuff :)
    for some reason i completely forgot to reply to your message. sorry about that. I'd definitely be up for a match any time man. See you around.
    hey brew skillet whats happening brew
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