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  • Good games. You too. :)
    Thats strange, I usually do well against MetaKnights. Maybe I was being to casual after those Jiggs matches (lol johns). Be him again next time we play.

    By the way, I down smashed my friend's Chain (Shiek), and it instantly failed!
    Up smash comes out quick but has some lag. If you shield it you should be able to jump out and rest.
    I used to main yoshi and I haven't used jiggs in quite some time, but I still remember how to slay them. If they're tossing eggs far, airdodge past and grab them. If they're tossing them in their own face, shield it and Fair OoS. If they're pivot grab camping along with egg camp, use your airdodge's invincibility frames to avoid the grab and grab him. If the yoshi is up smash happy, at a high % block the up smash and jump out of your shield and rest. If he's doing this at a low % grab him.
    Yo dude, I think the Jiggs board needs you back. It's basically scrubbed right out. Nobody is really discussing anything from experience anymore, it's all "Jiggs is hopeless" and "pick another character." It's pretty ****ing sad, IMO
    Oh of course you haven't, and saying lmfao isn't the big issue. I've just seen some people complain about typos that make your posts unreadable because we do not know what you are talking about. And alex likes to prey upon it so I was simply suggesting you fix your grammar so that he uses a legitimate reason to flame instead of grammar (which isn't a big deal but it is causing unnecessary drama). You haven't done wrong at all :)
    I know I'm not the first to tell you this but using proper grammar on forums really makes you look smarter and helps us completely understand what you're saying.

    I'm not bashing on you for not using proper grammar, I am simply saying that for one Alex would have no reason to attack you for improper grammar and two that it would really be appreciated so that we can understand the full context of your posts.

    I see far too much flaming about your grammar and while it is not a crime, it couldn't hurt to fix it just so that people can stop *****ing. Please consider it and thank you :)
    Yo, I've been going through the old Jiggz threads (really old) and your's are some of the better ones. I may be using some of your info in the ATs thread. I'll give credit when applicable :)
    Lawl, it's cool. As long as you're chill on the xat I won't ban you or let anyone ban you. If you start flaming I'll have to do something.

    I really wanna play your Jiggz some on Wifi. While I prefer my style of Jiggz, there's a lot of stuff in your style I would really like to learn.
    Your gonna be serving out your 2 hours or less, but likely not back on before 5:30 unless someone else unbans you. Not to have hard feelings but I do have to make a slight example.....
    what do you want as first stage?

    and we can communicate counterpick through name change at character select screen.
    Let me know when you can play.

    Vm or Pm is the best way to contact somebody for a tournament by the way.
    Wow you fail at life and from what I have heard, you are almost mentally ********. And every video I have seen shows you suck.
    From what I have seen, Glick invented that but even if you didn't invent it, you aren't necessarily a good player (and everything I have heard and seen from you says you aren't). And you also are incoherent because you talk so poorly.
    Saw this:
    Best puff in PA


    Saw this:
    i invented the rollout grab and am the first puff to be successful with a ground dominant strategy.

    If you mean the shield one where you turn backwards, that was actually Glick. He invented it way before you even got to the boards. As for the second part, you aren't successful. And you are a troll. Leave.
    your thread on airdodge cancel is very interesting as well as informative. However, the all-caps is a bit excessive. I'm going to post a new thread on this topic, and will credit you with any information I copy/paste (de-caps).

    You actually missed what I feel is the BEST (caps lol) use of airdodge: SHAD buffered into shield. So I'm not just regurgitating your sh**. That really deserved more than a sentence saying it is what most Jiggs players use airdodge for.

    Again, thank you, but my eyes can't handle that.
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