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  • Well Kaylo is active on the boards, and she isn't established enough yet to let some things slide.
    I have it, along with green ace, poltergust, nevershootme, D-torr (his is purple) and a few others that i can't remember off the top of my head.
    Word. Ill probably end up posting the directions tomorrow once people start seein it.

    Im havin a little smashfest at my house. I posted about it on the UCF thread but no one has gotten around to it. You're welcome to come.
    pika is better since i don't use heavyweights. some snake practice will do good as well. we'll see either way.
    hey man, we should practice doubles whenever we can. kirby and pika on teams is really good. hopefully we can practice soon... if my mom stops being a *****.
    i am crayon. im used by the t.links nd im colored w/. if u dont post this 10 times ill color on ur face wile u sleep nd it will be permanent so it wont come off ever
    Well you'll probably have time. I'm missing Florida Gaming, not sure when the next time I'll be in FL is.
    So.... I see what you were talkin about now when you said you can see the number of people viewing the character forums.

    I was lookin in the wrong spot before lolol. Whoopsie.
    also you are silly if i were to ever not like the first person to say i was good at this game, and partly inspired me to get where i am now.
    dont assume to know who is made a mod and who isnt. if you dont like it then dont come back to the chat. im not explaining why i do what i do, and you can tell the rest of the chat that. i dont really care anymore
    Not this one, it's the same day as Impact Clash. I'll be at the Florida Gaming tournament though!
    I placed 17th I believe. Lost to co18 in winners (almost beat his d3 but then his wario wrecked me), and then beat Lio in losers, and lost to Kismet2. (Dumb that I had to play other GA so soon... but oh well).
    GALAX! just cause i am not speaking to you doesnt mean im not listening! dont go running away crying just cause you lost to a samus! **** happens. just cause she is low tier doesnt mean ****. if you have something to say to me in chat keep talking and i will respond. what did you want?
    Actually I have an award where the last three people who posted on my visitor wall get banned!
    Guess who just won #1!
    Hey galax your a pika mainer right? interested in brawlin I want to battle it out with another pikachu
    Wow, thanx a bunch man. We should verse each other sometime. :)

    Thanx a bunch, you have helped me out a lot. =D
    Looks good right now, but maybe you could give reasons as to why you should play on some of those stages?

    If a certain stage is good because it's much easier to QAC, then maybe someone who is not so good at that might choose a different stage, where it's easier to edgeguard instead (Eg Delphino Plaza instead of Pictochat)
    Awesome, best of luck with that then :3

    Maybe take your one-character-a-week idea, but make a new thread for each person?
    Wait, I just re-read what was said.

    By not big enough, I mean that the first post can only be a specific number of characters (Not characters as in Mario and Yoshi, but as in letters & spaces).

    Therefore it probably won't have enough room to have a strategy against each character.

    So either you could do a thread for each character, with lots of people posting their own strategies, and then a thread which has a link to all of them, or something like your idea.

    I could see if it would be possible to get more posts inserted for you to add things into, if you'd like that to happen.
    Sorry for the delay, I didn't notice your reply

    By not big enough, I mean that you should probably have more characters. Right now there's only four characters that I can see. That's about 1/10th of all the characters.
    I don't think it's worth a sticky just yet. So far so good, but it only has a few of the characters.

    And just a note: I don't think the first post will be big enough to have a strategy for every character.
    lol oh ya i didn't read your message to me until after my post on the board :p but ya actually that sounds like a really good idea :p
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