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  • Hey man I'm new to UCF and a huge brawl fan, I'm looking for some competitive practice and I keep seeing your name. you know of someplace on campus where people play regularly the best club/group to join where I can play?
    Edit: I'll be wearing a bright yellow shirt with a blue binder. Just look for a black guy who looks lost :)
    well, my intro to programming class gets out at 2:45, so I'll be there at 3.

    I'll be wearing a white shirt with brown stripes and black pants, with a blue handbag.
    i stayed there until about 4:15. if you want to try again tomorrow lets try at the same place.
    I got there at like 3:30 because I had to get an override for Physics II. Sorry about holding you up for so long; I figured you'd start advertising your petition at around 3 so I was hoping you'd stay for awhile. I'm advertising my own little brawl group over at my apartment so I can redirect people to sign your petition.
    yeah, sure. I even have an engineering class at 4:30 so I can hang out with you for awhile. There're lots of people who want to play brawl :]
    hey gallax I'm at ucf right now and I signed up for all of the game-related clubs sooo, I think I'll see you somewhere sometime. I'll call you as soon as I activate my phone, though.
    I'll miss ya. I've tried going on the pikachat but apparently i am on at the wrong times all the time. I'll be happy to give a decent critique to a fellow pika that plays like me (you commented a while ago).

    Hope you are doing well.

    Legendary Pikachu, LDPK, a smashboards'er
    got back from orientation at ucf awhile ago. where do you guys play smash at? I was at the student union most of the time
    I'm at UCF right now :] maybe we'll see each other~ I'm the black guy who wears a green/black striped hood ^^ I'm part of michelle's m&m's (O-team) if you know her...
    gallax! i have a task for you. watch my wall and always keep a vm up there, i never want it to be full of hamsters
    I could tell. xD

    And na, I still need to do a lot more stuff before starting matchup stuff.
    I aw your match-up thread and was like, "woah". I always wanted to make a picture like that and have them link to the threads, but I never knew how to put separate links into one picture. Splitting them up like you did was genius.
    umm open the text file with all your codes.
    Placed that there with the title and save.
    Use the Code manager to make it a .gct file.
    if you need help I can send you the .gct file, just tell me what you want in the code.
    All-Character Select Screen
    0668310C 00000040
    387E006C 3B600000
    3C808068 38840DE0
    7CBB20AE 7CA50775
    41800020 2C050029
    40A10008 38A00028
    94A30004 3B7B0001
    2C1B0032 4180FFDC
    48000028 60000000
    04690338 48000068
    066900d8 00000008
    2c170028 41820168
    02680DE0 0022FFFF
    06680DE0 00000028
    00010203 06070A11
    081D091A 24041613
    2721201E 0D050E18
    1F25260B 231C0C15
    0F141022 12191729
    046900E8 60000000

    there it is ;D
    Yo! make sure you get on at about 11 pm tonight so I can get the part for my combo vid done!
    Hey I was thinking of trying out for the HV Pikachu clan, I main him and I dont really know how good I am with him since nobody gives me direct critic. Since I saw you in the roster I thought maybe we could play afew before Im allowed to tryout? Maybe even critic if you want?

    Plzzz =)
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