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    all California players list

    San Diego smashers? I hear San Diego LAN does events sometimes, but they're not exactly dedicated to smash from what I could tell visiting them and asking around. Would like to get into competitive Smash 4 or Melee, open to project M, 64 could be interested, I draw the line at brawl though, lol
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    For the kids! Anyone in SD area willing to step up

    Hey rofa, came upon this pretty late, but would have totally helped out with something like this. I've got a Wii U setup, so if you ever want to do something like this again and want to run smash 4 let me know. Also got a Wii for brawl/ melee/ project M and a 64, just a little short on...
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    Smash 4 Final Video Presentation Recap

    Was dissapointed at first to see ANOTHER anime swordsman, from Fire Emblem no less, but as they doled out the mechanics, Corrin looks pretty unique and fun (if not broken). R.I.P. Geno, can't wait to get that Bayoneta stage!
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    When will/Do you think Nintendo expand Gamecube adapter usage?

    It's something I'm hoping for. Along with gamecube VC games so that I can have access to every smash game on the same console. I don't think it will happen because it could kill their Wii U pro controller sales, but here's hoping.
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    Favourite Smash 4 Song

    I haven't gone through and listened to them all, but I really like that Melee song they revamped (I think it was a menu song?). I just think they did a good job capturing the original feel of the music while updating it and making it sound more epic.
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    Dumb things you did/thought as a kid

    Just in general, I would try out most of the "cheats and secrets" from Gamefaqs that were obvious lies. Like getting the mist stone in pokemon yellow or battling Mewthree. I wanted to believe.
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    [4/18] World War Wii Returns - Mewtwo Only - $100 in prizes - Mewtwo 3DS Code Giveaway!

    Sounds like fun! I'll be sure to practice up for tomorrow, this will be my first online tournament so nobody go easy on me, haha
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    High Desert Showdown 9 (Victorville, CA) [Mar. 28th]

    This is the exact type of tournament I would go to if it were closer to San Diego. Sounds like fun, wish I could be there!
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    Message to Smash 4 Players in California

    As a San Diego smasher, I would love to see a competitive smash 4 scene develop. I only wish I had more free time to dedicate to my smashing hobby! But as it is, I feel there's not a lot of tournament participation because a lot of people have social anxiety and don't want to go out and play...
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    How to get rid of an Amiibo's Attributes?

    The answer to your question, OP, is no. You'll have to reset everything if you want to fix that.
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    Smash Wii U Your guys thoughts on Smash Tour(Mario Party)

    To be honest, if they patched the game to remove the tingle power up (and maybe a couple of the teleporting powerups) I might start playing it with friends. But as it stands this mode was poorly executed. For new players, it's way too confusing. For players that take the time to learn the...
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    Smash Wii U What should i be choosing in classic mode

    My post was directed at the OP, pardon the confusion
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    Smash Wii U Stage Builder Stages/Ideas

    Has this patch been promised? I for one would love to download some of the beautiful talent-fruit that has been displayed in this thread. Hopefully we'll get it by the end of the holiday season...
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    Smash Wii U What should i be choosing in classic mode

    You don't choose rewards in Classic Mode, you might be confused. At the start of every round you spin the roulette wheel to determine what you get. Then afterwards, it shows you every reward you earned so far. You don't have to choose, you win them all (it looks like you have to choose because...
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    Smash Wii U Any Hacks/Mods for Smash Wii U?

    Ontop of the difficulties getting mods to work in the first place, who is going to want to risk bricking their Wii U? It was a different story for the Wii during the late Brawl era when everyone was tired of their Wii anyway, but it will be months (if not a year or two) until I'll feel...
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