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  • Ah, I see. Well I hope you're doing well in school. Are you getting Uncharted 3 for your PS3 and the other exclusives? I plan on getting Gears of War 3 sometime this week. Oh, Microsoft also unbanned my console due to a "software error" and gave me 3 months of XBL and 1600 ($20) in MSP! :bee:
    Hey, we changed some stuff for the LH podcast. Hit me up on Skype when you can.
    Yeah it is. My computer is pretty beast too :D. I need that driver update for the 570GTX though x.x Random crashing sucks.
    Hey, what are you new comp specs? I just built one from scratch too :D (I read you got a new one or something)

    Also you should play FFXIV, it's in free beta pretty much again, but it's not that bad. Honestly it's improved so much since last year, you can tell the director is really trying.
    I saw you-know-who (initials: LL) on SWF and browsing the LH yesterday. Oh dear god.
    Wait. Useless in the "Magic : The Gathering" sense, where they simply aren't standard anymore, or useless in that they are just considered bad cards now?
    8000 life points? Really? That's a bit ridiculous. Still, i'm up for the challenge. What are some essential packs (if any) to buy? I still have most of my G1 cards, but that's it.
    I'm considering getting back into Yugioh, but I haven't played since Generation 1. What, i any, mechanics and notable cards have been added over the years?
    Uh, I was gonna add you to the LH Skype chat. I have two of your accounts: lordofark and masterofark, which one is it?
    Well, we went to the tourist parts of Mexico. Everyone there was friendly and called me an "amigo". :awesome:

    We should talk on AIM/Skype one of these days.
    Ah, well I finished college in mid-April. I used to hate September back when I was in school but now I don't. :bee:

    I went on the Royal Caribbean International's Oasis of the Seas cruise to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico for 1 week.
    School has started already? It's not even September yet. (IIRC, Americans start school early but finish early, correct?)

    I've been good dude, been kinda lazy since I got back from vacation so that's why I haven't been responding to VMs as quickly as I usually do. And yeah, my vacation was awesome, the cruise exceeded my expectations. You ever been on a cruise?
    Yeah, I'm honestly happy that I'm at the point in my life where I still have the spare time to do all the things that I want to do like surf the internet >_>
    Well, it's a lot of posting in the DR and LH... that's pretty much it

    I guess I just like to reply to a lot of posts on this website lol. That, and I suppose I just have a lot of free time :p
    I mean like if you can go to Sony's website and download stuff off there. For the 360, you can go to www.xbox.com and download/queue stuff there.

    If it's the same for the PS3, then I have a project for you to do.
    Hey, for the PS3, is it the same for the 360 where you can queue downloads on a website and they'll download when you turn on your console?
    You've earned a permanent place in my sig. ;D
    So what did they do? I see Nintendo held back this year, kinda just beating around the bush. Not too suprised.
    Btw, I'll let you know on infamous 2, the demo was hella fun. And got Vita looks awesome. Too bad it'll suck for a few years as always.
    Hey, I've got to go to Gamestop early in the morning to settle the fact someone lied about infamous2 having a midnight launch (so I gotta go get it as well, lol) Can you pm/messege/visitor message me the details of Nintendo's conference? I won't really have the time to watch it...
    Firus told me he's free tomorrow night so let's all get online during that time frame.
    Firus is busy with stuff today so he can't make it, trying to reschedule a time so we can all get online and talk.

    I'll let you know.
    No problem, how does tomorrow night sound?

    I just VM'd Firus about this too btw.
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