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  • Old monsters have also gotten updates, such as Skull Archfiend of Lightning for the previously mentioned Summoned Skull or Revived King Ha Des for Dark Ruler Ha Des.
    Useless in that they're bad cards. YGO doesn't cycle out, but your old cards basically all **** now due to being outclassed by newer monsters (although Summoned Skull comes to mind as an old monster who is still pretty decent, although the fact that he doesn't have an effect hurts him) and old magic and traps cards generally have a better version printed later (for instance, Bottomless Trap Hole > Trap Hole).
    8000 might seem insane but trust me, with today's cards its not.

    As for packs I suggest buying miscellaneous 5Ds (G3) packs just for the sake of getting some new cards to work with. I also suggest getting Generation Force (the first G4 pack) for the same reason. But the first thing I would do if I were you if pick up a structure deck so you have something to build off of.

    Also, almost all of your G1 cards are worthless now. Mostly your monsters, some spells and traps are still useful.
    You better take a seat. I'll go over some of the most important things first:

    - Start at 8000 life points
    - Ritual Monsters basically are non-existent these days
    - Fusion monsters were big in GX but aren't seen particularly often these days.
    - Synchro is a monster type introduced in 5Ds. Most current decks run these guys and they are summoned by sacrificing a tuner monster and one or more additional monsters until their levels equal the monster you want to summon.
    - XYZ monsters are the newest monster type. The are summoned by sacrificing two monsters of the same level.

    There's some more technical stuff, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
    I couldn't find any copies at my local bookstores. I did read a synopsis of the series online and it certainly does look like something to my tastes. I'll probably read it once I can find it.
    Haha, thank you !
    I'm currently trying to figure out what I could write to make my 1000th post amazing :p
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