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  • I wouldn't advise it. it's against the rules You guys are better off making a VBM praise group ....kinda like the Aerosmashguy group LOL
    There is pretty much no way I can afford to go, unfortunately.

    Falco dittos can be fun : ) I'm glad you main cool characters. I like fighting both of them with Young Link too, although when played perfectly that matchup is god **** ridiculously hard, especially Captain who's like "lol, I grabbed you, did some stuff, and now you're dead!" where the hardest part for Falco is learning to deal with lasers while setting up your own projectiles... ah, poor lil' lank haha
    Then you'll fit in just fine with SC's crowd, since most of us were that way too. I will give you any advice / tips if you ask for them when we play. I've mained every character at least once, heh
    lol, I mean, if she HAD TO, she could talk to my mom, I do live at home presently hahaha, wow that's old school :p

    top 5 is definitely dreaming big. I doubt I could ever get in the top 25 at any major one. Hell I have trouble making top 5 at a Georgia tournament and that's far from national heh
    lol, if you record enough matches of any player you may eventually get a combo video together. at least, that's how I see it. Unfortunately my Young Link plays like that off-camera too now, haha, so I'm always trying to pull off ridiculous **** that never works. I do the same thing with Cap Falcon I guess.

    How old are you btw? I'm 22 >_> I only ask cause I've had people be like "wtf, I hope my mom is okay with this..." and stuff. I don't wanna be THAT GUY. THAT CREEPY SMASH GUY. xD
    If you can travel, just tell me when and I'll be happy to have you over and provide a little gas money for you.
    If not, it might be a little while before I can travel.

    Yay is way better than me. I don't really have the time I'd like to have for the game too, so I'll probably never be able to catch up with him at this point.
    dude let me tell you lol I've been in SC Melee for like 5-6 years or whatever and it's always pretty much just been me and EverlastingYayuhz.

    Rhan is awesome : ) I am kinda burnt out on Melee honestly because... I moved to Charleston, SC, which is 2 hours away or more from Columbia, Florence, Savannah GA... anywhere that has melee players of any kind. So I'm alone, and I just can't keep up Lil' Lank's skills unless I have real people to play with. Falco and other characters I can still play pretty fine, but Lil just takes too much ****... effort, I guess?

    So where are you in SC? Depending on where, this could be easy or difficult. either way I do want to play, I mean I still love melee to death.
    Mango all the way. Even though it would be amazing to see HBox beat Mango too. HBox's got top 3 for sure.
    Yeah I saw the thread. Too bad I'm not familiar with Europe smashers.... :(

    I only know of Armada cause of Genesis... hehe..., I'm outdated....
    LOL naw son we'll be more like Shiz vs Zhu at Genesis. Doin' it big n Stackin' it UP! Haha!
    Yeah I barely played 5 and I mostly played Tag for Armor King. He's so ****!

    Ganon/Falo dittoz would be fun. Peach/Mew2 on the other hand is agonizing to play... haha.
    I would kill to be next to possibly THE BEST YLink in the world. But yeah.... I digress lol.....

    I haven't touched Roy in forever. We'll probably have more fun going King vs Armor King in some Tekken 6 lol.

    I heard that the msash scene down there is basically dead. :( And that sucks. But at least TRC is down there. So you'll be able to play a YLink better than I am lol.

    There's a high chance on me going to Pound 4 but since recent **** happened I might not be able to afford it.... Speeding tickets are a *****. :(
    Wow you're kinda far from GA then I think....some NC places are kinda close though, I think.

    Heck yeah man! =)
    Haha that would be nice but I dunno. I have some tough competition.

    SC has a mostly dead Melee scene, but I hear they're gonna start stuff up again early next year.
    No problem, man. There are a lot of tourneys coming up this year so I'm not worried about it. I'll message you if I see any other possible events that you might be interested in.
    I'm 19. I'm a college student. ^_^

    I promise I'm really nice.

    Do you want to smash on Thursday? Or would you rather just get some practice in Friday before Chu's, and then go there right from your house? :)
    wait lol there's going to be rom2? isn't that kind of contradicting LOL

    sadly, I probably won't. =[ I haven't traveled outside of Canada for smash. not that I'm even good enough anyway since I haven't really tried to get good, nor is there enough smash around here for me to even practice (I haven't smashed in like a month)
    you live in laurel right? theres no need to ask lolmaster, you can carpool with me if theres space in the car im riding in. then we're gonna meet up with lol master in jersey
    if i go to gotm's tourney i'll let you know. and i'll see if theres space in the car im riding in
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