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  • xDD! Angel is my real name but yeah the heart can make it kinda gay lmfao.

    and yeah I had a pic of my best friend up. I have an ex who plays smash though

    Sorry for the gap in time of reply. Still busy with my new occupation. One more week...

    I have alot of catching up to do with the Smash community. :\
    yeah someone else tried at this tournament, and now it's... eh.

    but yeah. let me know if/when I can come over and play you some more. and where has RDZL been? did we scare him off? lol
    So, see how that new controller worked out for me? : ( lol
    they tried to fix my black one but it's even worse now. I need to come test some of those controllers you had laying around.
    Well hallo thar.

    I'm sorta of back, but I won't be in full force until January. Just stick tight.

    What happened to nes n00b?
    LMFAO That's a ****ed up situation but it's pretty funny at the same time....

    But yeah. M.O.B.
    We pretty much had simular lives. I was a bad *** kid until like 9th grade when I joined the smash community.

    I use to sell a lot and was know as the neighborhood dopeboy. Use to be Blood affiliated. Use to always get into fights and just start some stupid trouble. I can't say use to steal but heh..... I don't do it very often now....

    WHy I got put there the first time was cause I was always fighting in school, or I wouldn't show up n just cuttin up as a kid.

    But yeah. Smash has literally saved my life. Cause If I didn't get into the compettve smash scene I could very well be dead at the moment.
    **** I hope so... I can't go back to juvie again man...

    Been there once for a weekend back in 7th grade. I ain't never want to go back there again...... It ain't fun.....

    This ticket is having look to 30 days in Juvie.... :(
    Yeah I learned my lesson.... After the second ticket I'm already done with speeding. But my consequences are looking grim for the first one..... :(
    I actually would rather have been asleep then lol. I was up talking to a few people on AIM for a few hours last night.

    I know I'll get more sleep tonight.

    Also, I sleep in til at least 1:30 every day because I'm at home now haha.
    gotcha. we still need to meet up and play again sometime soon.

    and if you can't go make sure you get to U-Mad on the 19th so you can show the rest of SC what's up xD
    I'd have to say a minimum is of like 20 dollars. this is actually kind of generous I think since if we have 4 people go, the 80 dollars from everyone might not even carry us to Orlando. But I'm expecting people to drive / drop off at my house, and then I take them... which requires driving of their own accord (Yay from Florence, Ramz from Columbia, etc) so I def don't want to overcharge, plus I don't mind spending more money than everyone else, I just really need the help with pulling it all off.
    Yo dude : Winterfest. If you're interested in going, perhaps you or RDZL can drive to my house here, and I'll take us? I am trying to get a car pool together... Hungrybox will house us : )

    btw my number is 803-290-3756, cause I know you have to type on that PS3 and all lol
    Nope. She's a total scrub. She used to try and learn, but never really got into it until recently. And when she used to live with her dad, she never owned a video game system. The whole concept is like...New to her hahaha. But yea man, she's super cute and super friendly. When she gets setlled in ill have to get her to talk to you sometime.
    Try not to judge me too harshly over that. I am a very easy going person. But that was a very surprising and... I guess, insulting post, through my eyes, anyway.
    I don't have recording stuff. I did all my combo vid recording via my friend Ramz's laptop. I would like to record but I don't have the stuffffs
    No sir, I did not move to Myrtle Beach. My girlfriend, however, did. She's a total scrub, but she wants to learn.
    dude it takes so much for my lil' to be impressive. I'd have to play you like all day with him before he starts to perform well. He's so complicated -_- but I'll try.
    anything is good by me. for me personally your location is the closest to me. but if we had to go to Myrtle I could probably pick you up on route if needed. whatever yo anything is good with me... I hope lol
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