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  • Hopefully he'll train a random scrub if he asked....(Me)
    **** I'll be lucky if he even acknowledges my existence.
    For me, vBrawl will still be a campy piece of BS even without MK.

    Praxis impressed me with that HDR Akuma argument. The anti-ban side can no longer stress SSF2T Akuma as a ceiling for banning.
    I don't play vBrawl anymore so I didn't vote. Though whichever outcome, I'd wish this whole thing would stop popping up.

    Actually, I wouldn't mind a ban just to see the "should we UNban Meta Knight" threads. :laugh:
    That'll be awesome. Shaeman basically trained everybody in my crew. He's an amazing teacher. If you ever got a question you should ask him.

    But yeah remember to start basic then try to step it up. Like after you show them wavedashing don't try to teach them wavedash out of shield just yet. Let them get confortable with it first. I still haven't mastered Wavedash OoS yet. :(
    Sheilding and grabbing is 2 of the main things in any fighting game. Grabing beats sheild, sheilding beats attacks, attacks beat grabbing. The RPS effect.

    Teach them shielding and shield grabbing for sure.
    Falcon and Sheik is an amazing team. Slaps to knees make people just wanna quit.

    It sucks that they're like that. is there anyway you can possibly teach them mindgames? I mean you don't really need much techskill if you can just read the opponent and do the simple things. That's mainly what Tope does with Sheik.
    You're now scaring me... Looks like I can't go Young Link against your Falcon anymore... :( My next big tourney is going to be Pound 4. I might be going to all the small tourneys around SoVA but Pound 4 is my main focus.

    And yeah that's his name. I remember it started witha yay lol. He was hilarious.

    LMAO. He was in TN at the begining of this month. He was saying the same thing about there aren't any smashers out there. His videos of him playing level 9's are hilarious. He's in back in SoVA now.
    We went mad stupid in teams lol. Our first match was against 2 Yoshi players. They were good with Yoshi but the tiers exist for a reason. We went Fox and Marth the first round, then Double Falcon and ***** each other for the laughs. Allowing each other to get immpossible combos on each other with bad DI. xD

    Next round was Chu and M2K. First round was IC/Sheik vs Samus/Fox. I was Samus Shaeman was Fox. Got ***** lilke either between 3 or 2 stocked by both. Then we took them to Rainbow Cruise. M2K switched to Fox. It was semi close. Like Shaeman died off and I had like 40 damage to M2K's 2 stocks left and Chu's 1 with 1 IC. I got Chu to SD somehow and M2K fell for a D-Smash kill but when that happened I was at like 115%. I lasted for about 15-20 more seconds then died. It was amazing lol.

    Our third match was against a Jiggs and IC. We went our standard team first which is Fox/Samus. The I convinced him to go Link. And it was SOOOOO ****! We had a mini crowd watching us murder with our projectile web. We decided to play Nair ping pong with the IC's final stock. People was going crazy. xD

    After that round we went against The Doug and Everlating Yuzzuh (I think that's how it goes). I can't really remember the first round. But they pulled some Grab release BS on S-Man. Fox couldn't escape.... It was Sheik/Fox vs Fox/Samus. It was all fun though.

    Omfg I rambled on.... ._.
    They're not small. It's just you need a small enough screw driver to fit inside the screw haha.

    LIke the screw looks something like this:


    The screwdriver needs to fit like right in the middle and get enough leverage where the screw will turn.
    I used a small flat head screw driver. Like the ones that you use on glasses. It takes a lot of arm/hand strengh to unscrew them at first. But once they're out for the first time it's easy to screw them in and unscrew.
    I was wondering where you was at. It was looking for you bro. :(

    It's all good though. Yu're in MD right? You should be at Pound 4. I'm 75% sure I'm going. It all depends if I get a job in the next 2 months or so.

    But yeah you didn't miss much. M2K wins doubles with Chu. M2K wins Singles.......
    I main Fox. But I do play a lot of other characters, so if you hate fighting Fox, no worries.

    What about you?
    I thought I was going to be able to, but I couldn't get any internet at disneyworld. I'm very sorry.

    If you can wait until Monday, then I'll be home again on a normal schedule lol and I can help you out.
    Really? That's kind of funny. Just tell your mother that I'm just a normal kid who likes to play video games with friends. I'm also short and asian, if that helps at all.
    I live in Maryland. I play Melee all the time. I need someone to smash with. Give me your address and phone and I'll swing by sometime.
    Can you gimme til nighttime next week sometime? I'm not on the best of computers right now.

    Tell me who you are playing vs these peaches first of all.
    Nah. I tried playing Roy yesterday and got owned. Sort of crushed my spirit with him. :(

    I hope I'm still around when Toasty comes. All my MM's are basically what's gonna pay for his Nachos. I'm the only one in my crew that had them and it's not fair that he moved away and my friends didn't even try them. Haha.
    I'll do my best to explain it after I wake up if you want me to lol.

    I've dabbled in other fighting games, but I only really play/like smash.
    Well I'm wayyy too tired to explain all of this lol but yeah Falcon's Nairs are too good and Falco lasers a lot and can pressure shields with jabs, Ftilts, Dairs, Nairs, or Bairs.
    Haha believe me I wouldn't tell you to practice comboing a cpu over and over. If you've explored all of your angles and your tech is still sharp then there's no reason to mess with them.

    For starters, I had a constant training partner, Twitch, my then 11 year old brother. We learned and trained together.

    The rest came from me watching videos of players I looked up to(when I mained Mario it was Eggz and the Cape, but when I switched to Falco it was Shiz and.....that's it lol) and using their strong points while picking out what I think they did wrong and working to improve on it. Plus I'm always thinking about new ways to approach and mix up my game so that I can keep my opponents on their toes.
    Haha I'm just lucky someone called me that and I remembered it.

    Lol what's a TN smasher? XD For real though I don't know of any off the top of my head. Just check the regional boards I guess.
    I'm going to Wake Forest University(verrrry expensive).

    Legend of Zelda Rules. He made it up when he was like 12 or something lol.
    Lol I should try getting on a normal sleep schedule sometime. My first day of college is hopefully not the first time for that haha.
    Raaape. =p

    Haha I've been tired but I love talkin to the nocturnal people so I try to fight it lol. Enjoy your sleep if you go though.
    I'm cool with that. Now i just gotta add it to the list I got. Haha.

    I'm gonna get *****.....
    Lol dang so I guess it's good that everyone will be comin to see you at Pound 4 then huh?
    ROY DITTOZ IT IZ! HE HAS T3H PH1R3! I'll let you choose the price. :)

    PP, don't lie to yourself.
    Haha I don't think I'm a real pro.

    Imo tech skill can't be rated based on what you can do the majority of the time, but what you do nearly every time and how quickly you do it. Soooo I'd probably have to see a vid or watch you.
    Nah Roy dittos are fine with me. I have a little bit more fun with Roy than YLink anyway. Hehe.

    How much you wanting to go for?
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