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  • Yeah I record via gamecube now. (non s video) But I'll start using my wii. And alright, if I have any questions I'll let you know lol
    Yeah it does. I meant like, I don't have a s-video cord. I don't mind getting new cords. I just need to know what to get. Unless I'm dumb and you mean just plug my yellow into the s video port? (instead of yellow to yellow)
    I have an i-3, 4gigs of ram (ddr3) and I believe my video card is the ****ty one that is attached to my motherboard. but i'm not positive.. also when i record i don't run any other programs other than vdub.. i will try the audio you suggested.. hopefully that helps.. and I guess i'll order a s-video cord for my wii.. and start recording that way then. so i need a s video to yellow component? i guess is what it would be called lol
    oh btw, those new videos you saw.. did they look any better? also, i'm running into a problem with my audio.. when it records its fine.. but when i compress, the sound tends to be "off"... i'm not quite sure what the issue is.. it might be that.. (The only thing I can think of is) that, when i compress the audio to record.. i pick the MPEG layer-3, but then it makes me pick from a list from the column next to it.. idk which one to choose from
    thanks, I will try it out next time.. And for the s video.. do alot of tvs even have it? also, why wii > gc? as in recording with a wii is better?
    waaay ahead of you, saw it on EqD yesterday ^.^
    thanks for the thought though, i might have to get it XD
    yeah, I'm eventually gonna get around to improving my video quality. (i will look into your advice) but I've just been too busy with everything else that isn't smash :/
    but when I get around to it, I'll message you.
    haha, thanks :p

    I actually may make this my gamertag. i like it alot better than Lash
    Did I succeed sir?

    Also, are we gonna finish our Smash matches soon? I'm free from the 25th - 27th. School starts on 28th.


    ^^^ Too large



    Sprites are scarce, It's really hard to find one. The gif is the only decent one I found.
    Apex is going to be scheduled down to the T so I don't see why we can't schedule other good matches to go to your setup.

    and yeah, I'm definitely down with having you do secondary recording at other tournaments and getting good matches. I'm gonna need you to be more vocal though. Find a match on the bracket you want to record. Tell me who it is and how far into bracket it is. and then I'll most likely approve it.

    I personally never stopped Ally from playing Malcolm. He needs to stop complaining though. I don't care if he has to wait to play a match. He's just being impatient. If he along with other people want this game to become more mainstream and more hype, we need hype matches to play on the stream, and that's a fact.
    It's an interesting Idea, but all hype matches at Apex will be played on the livestream. The matches being on youtube are important but that' s secondary to matches being played on the live stream. Ally really has no right to complain. I made him wait to play winners finals so we could have top 8 on the stream(Something every major fighting game tournament does and their players don't complain at all) I'm down for having you record matches. But there's no way you're gonna be taking high priority matches like top 8
    hey that accidental turnip toss downward you did during our set has actually helped me out - i've been messing around with young link's options with bombs for it, both on-stage and as an edgeguard, and **** seems pretty good so far.

    thank you for the inspiration! :D
    As of now, I can play at 7. But there is a slight chance that might change. Cousins might be visiting from farther away.
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