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  • It might be a little bit later because I need to shower first before we go and my suite mate just got in.
    Sent the photos. As long as the music sounds good I don't really mind what the game looks like. Wanna play later today?
    Id me interested In the silent violet buttons and the octo gate. Next time we hang out I'll bring money for them.
    Ugh I'm starting school tomorrow and I just got a job last week soooo idk when I'll have time D:
    I am unsubscribing from all pony things

    ... Leaving me left subscribed to only 1 thread now. I almost never post anywhere else on this site

    I haven't looked at EQD in 2 weeks now...
    What happened, Steve? :(
    man when I try to render in the Xvid codec it crashes VD :/

    this seems like a common problem from what Ive looked up.
    can you tell me briefly what those files are before I download them? sorry Im kinda paranoid about downloading stuff I dont know what exactly it is >.>

    and no rush, I havent even gotten my splitters yet so I wont be record right away anyway
    I got it :D
    What do I do for best quality and best compression?

    I have the Xvid codec should I be using that?

    I got 72.9 MB for a 1:51 vid with the Xvid codec.

    Also how do I get rid of the black bars on YT? Do I have to play wii in widescreen? I only have a old box tv >_>
    well I bought it and it's on its way :D

    It does 720p right?

    again thanks so much :)
    be ready for questions when it arrives :3
    Hey that capture card link you gave me, once wiiU comes out I could still record using that same capture card?
    Yah I am very happy with the processor. I just wanted to see if the graphics card was at least decent ^.^

    I'll look into getting one with better resolution but I think I'd be fine with the 1366x768.

    Thanks man :D
    There my be a couple other channels that feel the same way idk.
    But yeah it's really awesome your setting competition in place so it will bring out the best :D
    Yah I'm not going to do anything on a large scale.

    I'd be doing things like recording for montage stuff, recording mkwii tourneys(could be like 30-40 mins long) my comp prob couldn't handle rendering that >_>

    And maybe doing like 8-10 min gameplays
    I don't know.
    Im just about to graduate highschool and I'll need a better one for college and plus I'll be getting a job this summer so it shouldn't be to long.

    Bummer though :/

    What exactly would I have to do to make it run faster that isn't getting more ram?
    No I share the computer with someone else so I don't wanna change stuff.
    I guess I'll have to wait until I get a better comp. :(
    Thank you anyways :)
    Aww man I think I have a dual core at 1.66GHz :(

    It says Intel(R) Core (TM)2CPU
    T5500 @ 1.66 GHz
    1.66 GHz, 2:00 GB of RAM

    Awesome :D
    I'll look at my Computer specifications asap and look in to how to use virtual dub today.
    Thank you very very much!
    You were a huge help.
    You do a lot for the community, thanks :D
    Ok so you recommend the hauppauge over the dazzle?
    Now that item in the link will work with xP?(btw my comp is a laptop and isn't that powerful) will I run into problems?

    And that card I should just use virtual dub?

    So does that hook up the same way as a dazzle?
    I'm looking to capture wii games.(brawl,mario kart, ect) and I'm gonna be capturing through the red, yellow, white cables(av cables is that what they are called?)
    A dazzle is what Ill be looking for but on amazon it said that most were for windows 7 or vista.
    I ave windows XP and I was wondering if I will have to get a dazzle made for XP?

    Can you you just look through amazon real quick and find the dazzle model I would need?
    And so when you by them online you don't even need to get software? Is virtual dub much harder to use than the software that comes with it?

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm kinda lost >_>
    You know a lot about capture cards and stuff.
    I just got an amazon gift card for my birthday and I want to look into getting a capture card. I know nothing about them and I was wondering if you could help me make sure I get one that will work well?
    The stuff you sent me was actually all the tiebreaker set

    Our first set went Dreamland (I won) FD (he won) Battlefield (I won)
    It was on the bigger TV I think
    since you don't know what's up, I'll tell you mines.

    Today, I was supposed to go to work and when I arrived, I decided to quit that job because I don't get paid enough.
    I didn't want to tell him that I quit, so I tried to find another way.
    After I did, I said I was working with mom on painting the house and she says she wants me to quit.

    Her working is true, but me working with her wasn't. Now I screwed up and idl what to do.
    Hey thanks a lot man. I think Exdia helped me download the drivers already. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Yo epsilon my phone number is 703-380-7996 and my address is 2801 Cedar Lane Vienna Virgina 22180
    Alright well just get an Aim ill hit you up when you get an aim. tonight was kind of a failure. my chat consisted of a few marths couldnt really organize anything:( but im inviting every night around 10-12 so get an aim:) i wont give up!
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