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Doc King
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  • Online scenes are very different than offline ones. Online is practice. I have plenty of faith that Smash4 ends up good. I forget the Kid Icarus launch date
    Haven't you heard the recent interviews and E3? Development starts right after Kid Icarus uprising launches and it'll be for both 3DS and WiiU. Sakurai wants it to be different from the previous 3 Smash games, whatever that could mean. Sadly, the WiiU doesn't support GameCube controllers so that could mean a Smash4 competitive scene will never exist. Wireless interfere would make tournaments impossible

    That's al that anyone can really know, or at least that all I know, right now
    I was joking about the return. But about Jigglypuff, you play Doctor Mario. You go 60:40 vs Jigglypuff and go 40:60 vs Peach. You view is a bit skewed by the character you play.
    Peach is the truth. Peach=Jigglypuff on a real tier list. You can't beat any tournament viable character easily. But I'm glad that there are signs that players are getting over their Jigglypuff wall. It fills my heart with joy. I think I might return to Melee. no
    Unfortunately, I don't really have access to the MBR so your guess is about as good mine.
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