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  • I still owe him if he ever gets his butt to a tourney XD. And Yeah man I been waiting to see how much your Luigi has improved, hope we get to play soon.
    lol i wish I could say it's my name too. Dorsey is the name of a homeless guy that used to live in my neighboor's yard (condemned house) varying his living quarters from a van, to a hearse, then a teepee. I started tagging as DRSY as a tribute to him and it stuck :)
    Sorry about not PMing you, I haven't logged in a while, since wed morning. All I can do is pray for you, God bless. You are not forgotten in my prayers.
    ♪ ... What did I just say about being a slave of love? ):< †

    ♪ Anyways, you just said something that I would hope that no one would ever do. I thought you had an argument with her just to know you've never meet her.... you shouldn't even consider being attracted to her because you haven't meet her in person, even if you have you can't expect love, she can meet other people as well and forget all about who she meet online, a major disadvantage when hooking up with someone online. She can be nice, but you don't know her 100% like you don't know me and I don't know you 100%. Lastly how can I give you a chance to meet her? I don't know where she lives, and I live in Huston not Chicago... I guess you can use map quest to know where she lives I suppose... if you care that much. †
    ♪ You should refrain from saying "it's nothing", when it's really something that made you sad because it makes people more curious than ever. And don't say "you'll never find love again", unless you find someone that's because your still young, your not 50+ years old, there's still chances to find that special someone, just make sure it's not a bad egg like your last love. Don't make your love life take over your whole life, just recover, continue your life, and try to forget the bad stuff that your last love did to you and wait for someone special, it's bad to find some random person and don't you dare look for someone online because you really wouldn't know them and it' a chance that they are fake. ):< †

    ♪ I know your sad at the moment and might have a big fight over your last love, but you have to let go and move on if this hurts your soul, because if you hang on, you will feel much much worst than before. Lastly, don't be a salve to love, that's the last thing in the world you need to be. †
    ♪ "Looks at my friends profiles", what's happening to your life that made you sad and ****, that's not your style. What happened? †
    ♣ It really depends on who 3-stocked you and were. Online really depends on how use to online you really are, for a player like me, I'm real terrible online because I tap buttons very fast and input lage messes with me. ); ♥
    ♣ I knew he now plays Marth and Toon Link as well as Donkey Kong, but never Snake. He wasn't every good with Snake the last time we meet, has he gotten better? ♥
    ♣ He use Snake and Marth now?! Man, he's really confused on his character choices now. :/ ♥
    ♣ I know I'm better, just that he's smart and know when to mess up my strategy at the right moment, if he had mastered Puyo Puyo with his smarts, things would be a lot scary. @_@ ♥
    Sorry buddy, but my good controller was stolen and playing on the crappy one I still have just isn't any fun. I'll be getting a new one soon, so I can play you then.
    Hi DK, I know it's been awhile, and yeah I'm doing good. It's been ages since I've last played online, so next time we play next, don't be surprised if I do terrible.

    Sorry for taking so long to respond BTW.
    ♡Goodness me Mr. DK2....what's the matter? It seems you have a big dilemma! :dizzy:

    ♡If you don't mind telling me, I'd love to listen and try to help. ^__^
    Wow, sorry that this all happened. Why doesn't she just get divorced from this guy? Also, you can tell that other girl that you're in love with someone else at the moment and that you like her as a friend. Umm, just try to talk to my sister later on today because I really don't know what to do in this matter. T_T
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