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Recent content by DevMBC

  1. DevMBC

    Apex 2015 Teams Thread

    Hey guys, not sure if I'm too late but I need a partner for teams! Let me know if anyone's interested. Peace \o/
  2. DevMBC

    Apex 2015 Hype! Jan 30-Feb 1 Results, brackets and videos are up!

    Looking at coming to the US for the whole of January and flying back to the UK after Apex. Should be confirmed pretty soon =)
  3. DevMBC

    Apex 2014 - January 17-18, 2014 - Full SSB64 Results

    shoutouts to everybody at Apex. big thank you to BP for picking me up and housing me on thursday and also sorting out the hotel room at the venue, Shears for driving to the venue and Karajan for the hotel room on sunday night. thank you so much dudes you made apex possible for me even after my...
  4. DevMBC

    Smash in Peru (27 August - 03 September)

    I'm interested. I think it would be cheaper if i booked a bit later though
  5. DevMBC

    Apex 2014 - January 17-19, 2014 - Somerset, NJ

    Landed back in the uk ftl. Thanks everyone for an awesome fire hazard 2014
  6. DevMBC

    Official Apex Housing Thread

    I'm willing to pay for a room. I fly in to NYC on Wednesday and was hoping to spend one night there, but I think because it's crazy cold maybe i'll just head straight to the venue. When are you housing people from, Blood Peach? Edit; If people want to get a hotel room message me on Facebook; Jamie
  7. DevMBC

    Official Apex Housing Thread

    Anyone still got a space in a hotel room? or who's on the "list of people looking for rooms who should throw together and get a room"
  8. DevMBC

    Oliiii i posted

    Oliiii i posted
  9. DevMBC

    Official Apex Housing Thread

    hey guysz, me and maybe olikus need to sort out accomodation. I'm flying in to Newark International on Jan 15th @ 13:35 and fly back on the 20th (19:15). I don't mind booking a hotel room if people want to get more in a room and save $$£$£$£££££$$$$, Oli might need free housing. i'll tell him to...
  10. DevMBC

    European Ditto Champions

    i want to vs rebaz for falcon, fays for fox and fruity for kirby. i think the mario belt should be contested aswell i can see it swapping around unless fays can hold on to it?
  11. DevMBC

    European Ditto Champions

    Champion of Bear: Bear
  12. DevMBC

    E64 Season 1 : The European Smash 64 League (Ongoing)

    sounds like you taking rebaz personally. where have you been squall are you around to play soon?
  13. DevMBC

    E64 Season 1 : The European Smash 64 League (Ongoing)

    Fuzz confirmed that's 4 UK players represented in S :smirk: where you at europe
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