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  • lol yeah, but do you know of any other wario weaknesses you can exploit besides the grab release?
    The only MAJOR weakness I can think of is that sh*t grab release, but that can be avoided if I don't get grabbed :P

    Don't get hit.
    oh ya that suks, well im thinkin better ppl will start going once the dude fixes his rules and has cash prizes not that im good or anything
    did somebody MK you cuz i dont remember that or are u talking about TL cuz i dont know snakes counter picks
    u mean the ones at gamer sanctuary? or brawl tournies in general? That guy has got to get the rules right sometime which will make it awsomer. other then that tho studlys doin a tourney here in elmwood sometime but i dont know the full details on it. I just find it fun cuz im pretty new to tournament play
    ya it was really hard to recognize u without ur fur coat thing, anyway i cant wait for the next tournament itll be pwnariffic
    that was the craziest chance meeting ever it took me like 10 minutes to realize it was you
    I agree with that...

    Anyway, I decided to pick up Wario again and he's much better then I thought, I feel the reason that I sucked so badly at the tourney that I used him was because I was using his hit and run playstyle, which doesn't work that well when there are 2 opponents and everything's hectic.
    .......holy poo I didnt even no I did a dash attack MIND GAMES. but what happened when u set off C4 on urself? Cuz it almost looked like u meant to do it
    ya marth CGs heavies tho the dmg isnt that great. But ya in that match u some how managed to put a nade in my hand and Dthrow me, does snake make ppl grab nades when he grabs them? 0_0
    haha yea the tourney was pretty fun, but yea, sorry bout the CPing u =\, didn't really mean to, it just sorta happened. haha but ggs, and dude, play to win, jp lol, next time i'll let u CP me twice to make it even xD
    dude ggs at the tournament. me and my 2 friends first time. Top 4 ftw. haha. but yea, counterpicks would've done a lot prolly
    nothing really man, i'm gonna go to the tournament most likely, and my friend is also.
    yeah i have yet to decide on that.... probably middle of February.. i would like to do it before street fighter 4... but idk...and btw Skirby is my girlfriend lol
    Idk about today, the weather is too fuggin cold, parents really don't want me out unless I have to...Oh btw, Krieg isn't going to make it to tomorrow's tournament because he has work, but I'm bringing one of my more noobier friends with me :P
    I wish I coulda found people that played competitive, my friends are awful at smash games. I never figured out how I got so good playing them.
    I used to a few years back. I live in a small area though so I wad never able to get competitive with it.
    lol Snake and meta knight, that's the perfect combination. If I do face a King Dedede I'm switching, I have enough of Aaron ****** me with his to know it's not worth trying.
    Hey man, you thinking of any good times we can go down to Gamer's Choice to talk to Dan xD? I really haven't found much time to go there but we definitely should SOME DAY because he's much more understanding about rules and allowing the prize $ to be in real dollars, not store credit =).
    I most likely going to use Donkey Kong, with Marth and maybe ZSS to handle his **** matchups. Are you going all Snake?
    Hey Josh, I was just thinking and well uhh...I'm considering selling my Wii. All I have for it is Brawl and I never play it and don't plan on buying any Wii games anytime soon so yeah...Everything is basically in mint condition seeing as I never use it, as far as I know the Brawl disc is unscratched and whatnot, and I'm looking to build a new PC and need some $. If you know anyone that would be interested in buying it, please send me a message =).
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