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  • yeah i freakin LOVED that game! it was sooo awesome. yeah my friend is playing equus right now
    and also is your name supposed to be dart from legend of the dragoon? just wondering =P
    hey i'm talking to my friend on the phone he wants to play and hes available now! xD
    no its just that my dad doesn't like me playing on the weekdays...T__T ITS SO INCREDIBLY GAY!!!! well whatever thats parents for ya
    ouchies... well if there's room maybe my friend will join too, and we can either take 1v1 turns (one person runs off the ledge, dies, and watches) or we could just have free for alls
    sadly, no i have to wait until night. And i dont no anyone here yet :( i joined recently because no no one was really good at my high school
    thats awesome!! glad to hear it :) i feel good inside now.. xD And im TOTALLY down with teams! i love them they're so much fun. i also play with meta knight and snake and MK have a Zero-death combo. snake puts c4 on MK's head, MK grabs opponent, and at the same time, mk does up throw and snake does down b! you can see this in COMBOJECTION! by holyforce on youtube. EPICCC!!! but im really looking forward to playing again. AWWWW YEAHHHHH!!!!
    And also is josh your real name or was that someone else? wtf you kept me up playing until 2:00 am! xD i fell asleep at 2:30 and got 3 and a half hours of sleep. oh god

    ITS OVER!!
    first off i want to thank you for all the awesome matches. I probably had the most fun playing you out of all the other people i have faced. My best friend and the person i normally play can be extremely annoying and mainly camps. So i never get to play to my full potential, but i love your playing style. I didn't get annoyed at all while playing you, which can normally happen xD. You didn't camp, spam, or run away, and it was a lot of fun and refreshing. And i never did DAC, Fox's up-smash just goes really far. Oh god i got so many epic replays :) And did you have items on or was that the other person?
    hopefully soon at most it will take an hour, i dont know i like to play it safe..:)
    sadly i have to wait til my parents go sleepies... but yeah when they do...WHABAMM it on! lol how late you plan on staying up?
    sup, ill add you if you PM me back, cuz i dont feel like wasting my time if you're not gonna add me lol
    That's alright. XD
    Nothing much, just finished making my signature. Been working on it since last night. You?
    They just don't bother to learn how to counter a snakedash.
    BTW, I'm not a dude. ^_^
    Aw, I lost the wifi.

    I knew what you were trying to do in the beginning. XD

    You were pretty tough to predict, though it got easier to deal with Snake's USmash over time. That's really the only criticism I could see. Great games. We should play again some time.
    Hey Dart! Sorry about those awfully laggy matches! >_> I'm normally a lot better than that. I wish my internet didn't suck so bad. e_e

    Anyhow, I'm glad someone kept me one their FC list. It's been a long time since I got online. I've been busy with college. See you around smashboards! Send me a PM or something. :)
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